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2010 - that just doesn't look right...

So. Here we are, in 2010. Boy, that is wrong on so many levels. I am not doing that decade-in-review thing, no. But here, a quick catch-up on the past year, because I've done it the past two years in a row, so I should keep that up.

Once again, I did nooooothing on New Year's Eve. Weather was crappy here, AGAIN. (And it's supposed to be worse this weekend.) I stayed in, I ate Indian food, I had a beer, and I rewatched Disney's "Hercules", which is directly the result of having gotten trapped within the labyrinth of TV Tropes a little while back. (Verdict: not all that good a film, and the things that seemed wacky and interesting when it came out are still kind of wacky and interesting, but not enough so, if you know what I mean. Still, that's what $1 rentals from the library are for.) Ooo! Ooo! And I upgraded the RAM in my computer! I can now thumb my nose at Gmail/Safari and its annoying RAM-hogging issues.

Today I puttered around, and watched the NHL Winter Classic (played in Fenway this year!), and that was neat. It was hard to figure out who to root for, since it was the Bruins playing the Flyers (the Bruins won in dramatic fashion, which is nice, since it was their home ice). Seeing Bobby Clark and Bobby Orr do the face-off was extra-cool. On deck, also rented from the library, I have "Inkheart", which if nothing else I expect to be pretty (I also have "The Incredibles" to rewatch, and I know that's good; and "Tombstone"). I started reading, and am enjoying, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. At some point this weekend, I plan to break out the LP-to-MP3 turntable that I got clearance at BB&N, and pray that the LPs I have that I want to convert aren't warped. Being snowed in should be good for that.

I am glad that 2009 is gone, in that 2009 started okay, and then just before January ended, I broke my wrist in a fall on some ice, and GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now, this winter, I'm all hinky about walking on the snow, of which, once again, we have had plenty already so far (WTF December?).

But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out, I guess, and discovered a passion for following juvenile redtail hawks around and taking pictures of them, which was really delightful. And it was also when I was introduced to how owls are so much more wonderful than I had any idea they were, which is an obsession that is still partly waiting to be further explored, and that's always fun (as is anticipating/hoping for a redtail family next spring/summer, too).

Anyway, fannish output:

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,717 words of fiction spread over 5 stories; and 50 pieces of art (mostly in color), including 94 figures. What's eerie about this, to me, is that that's VERY close to my total numbers for 2007 and 2008, too -- but, it's factoring in that I did no art in January (I don't know why), and then I broke my wrist and could not write or do any art until nearly the end of March. Hmm. So maybe I would have been on track for an even-more-productive year, considering those are really the numbers for 3/4ers of it.

Once again, I also entered a piece for the EQ official fan calendar - but the reveal on that is delayed, so I don't know yet whether it made it in. Perhaps I shall update if it did.

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER. Happy new year, everybody!


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Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
HEY! I didn't know you wrote ElfQuest fic!!! I love ElfQuest! (Well, I love early ElfQuest. It kind of went off the rails at one point.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, I stopped buying the comics in the mid-90s at some point; I only got back into things less than 4 years ago when a friend pulled me into this group.

(Since then, you might be interested to know, WaRP has posted every EQ comic ever on their website, to read for free. So if there was ever stuff you missed, it's now very easy to find and read without it costing anything. If you ever want a "guide" to "who wrote/drew which series, and is it worth it or not?", email me. ;-) But the all-online format makes it easier and less painful to blow through the bad stuff, at least.)

The group I linked to isn't EQ fanfic of canon characters, mind you. It's a group that is more or less set in a parallel version of the world, with all-original characters and history. Each member of the group owns a character to write or draw for (and there is a lot of exchange, where people use each other's characters in art and fiction, and collaboration to build group storylines). It's kind of like... role-playing through writing stories/doing art.

I don't actually do that much art of the canon characters (I think because Wendy Pini's example is so hard to live up to, for me). The majority of my canon art has been my 3 annual EQ fan calendar entries.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
Yay for the hawks, and for you. In addition to that your triumph over technology has inspired me to upload some more Dead onto the iPod Touch.

Fingers crossed for the calendar. *hugs*

Take good care on the snow. Which reminds me, do you have a pair of those metal thingies that one straps to shoes and boots? I've got a pair and they really do rock. :)

Edited at 2010-01-02 02:15 am (UTC)
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
I do! Although, LL Bean was advertising ones that looked even BETTER, and I sort of want to get those now...
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
Ooh, they've got a new kind? Linky please.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
Those look very hefty in a good way. :)
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, I kind of wonder if they would be better to walk on when you're NOT on the ice, if you know what I mean. I dislike how the YakTrax feel on pavement or carpet.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
That makes sense to me. And they also look as if they've got a more secure grip.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
No more slipping on ice! Every time I have to navigate icy terrain I think about your fall.

The Dresden series- my mom sent me two of those books- I guess she didn't realize they were a series, and the books she sent weren't the first and second, but like, 3 and 4, or something. I've been meaning to pick up the start of the series because I've heard they're good.

The hawkwatching posts were wonderful- I really enjoyed them! I hope there are more hawks to watch this year.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
Happy New Year! May 2010 be wonderful for you in every way!

(Funny-- I went for a short run this morning, and found myself dealing with icy sidewalks rather gingerly...still, there weren't enough of them to warrant running in Yak Trax. Not yet, at least.)

Hope you enjoy your weekend of leisure!
Jan. 2nd, 2010 03:46 am (UTC)
But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out

And I'm glad you did! I've enjoyed your pictures and stories so much!

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER.

Hear, hear! And backatcha. :)
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