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does anyone want to buy a good used camera?

This will seem silly, but -- I'd like to sell my current camera, which is a Canon PowerShot SX110is (9 mp, 10x optical zoom, 40x digital zoom). Anyone reading this journal has seen the use I've gotten out of it in the last year, both for taking shots of things far away (hawks), and things close up (when I remember correctly how to work the macro setting). Click on my "photos" tag for more.

The reason I'd like to sell it is because I'd like to upgrade to the next level of the same camera, basically, and want to defray the cost of the upgrade. (I'm at the point where I could use the slight increase in zoom capability.)

It's a good little camera, handy to carry around. Has a good LED viewscreen on the back, the flash is manual (i.e. doesn't go off unless you manually flip up the flash housing), and probably has many features that I haven't even explored. It takes some nice video as well. And it runs on 2 AA batteries, which is handy. I actually use rechargeables, but have also found it convenient to just toss regular ones in my bag as a back-up. They last a fair bit of time, but I also just don't care that much since they're so easy to replace. I'm not really a very technical person, so someone who's more technically minded could probably get a lot out of it; but what I'm saying is that it's very easy to use and get quite good photos.

So I'd like to get $200 for it. (I was just looking online and my eyes bugged out because there are places still selling it new for over $400, which I'm pretty sure I didn't even pay for it originally, and I can't figure that out because this newer model I'm looking at, the SX20, sells for about that much, and the SX110 is like last year's model, so.) That would include the camera, its manual, USB cord, the original CD with software, *and* a 4 gb memory card, which holds about 980 pics at the basic resolution.

If you're interested, email me, or let me know here.