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Wildlife update and outting equations

Went kayaking on Lake Cohituate today. Had a cormorant fly across my bow, and land moderately nearby, floating around and giving me suspicious looks. Also saw two separate muskrats, out in the water. Got to within about 2 yards of both of them.

Am now trying to do the math in my head regarding how much I am likely to be able to get out and go kayaking over the next couple of weekends, and how many places I would like to try to go, and wondering how late most of these rental places stay open in the fall, and contemplating what it would be like to kayak in cooler weather since I can't do it without getting quite wet. I want to go out on the Charles further downstream, towards the city, at least once. I want to go out on the Charles near my house, again. I kind of want to check out the Ipswich river, which my_tallest recommends. And having been out on Lake Cohituate for the first time today, I now want to go again so that I can get farther down into the South Lake.

Hmm. I think perhaps I ought to considering going out again tomorrow, somewhere. Because I'm starting to run out of viable weekends that aren't filled up with other things.