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scattered TV

Still stranded at episode 2 of "Teen Wolf". (Just, no time.)

I finally got myself all caught up on "Once Upon a Time", except for last night's premiere. But I'm glad to see glee exploding here and there on my flist about it. I'm certainly intrigued by the way they ended the first season, with magic clearing becoming a factor again, and everyone remembering who they are. It seems like an awesome set-up to really change the terms of the show.

Otherwise: is anyone else out there watching "Hell on Wheels"? Anyone at all? *lonely* Sometimes that show just pulls stuff where I acutely miss the ability to bond with someone over what just happened (I need someone to clutch over OMG HILARIOUS AWKWARD DINNER PARTY, or to squee with over FINALLY! GATLING GUN!), and as we are nearing the season finale (2-parter next week), the show is definitely ramping up those moments.

Also: 10 episodes is too short for a "season". And I am not down with this whole, "we won't know for a few months whether it gets another season and then it'll probably be a year before it does". That is some agonizing pacing.



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Oct. 2nd, 2012 02:53 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, the Swan Queen folks are pretty stoked right now. Also Mulan seems pretty cool so far.

Yeah, I'm noticing the lack of Hell on Wheels...uhm..anything, around. I mean, there are tumblrs, because there are tumblrs for everything, but overall, it hasn't seemed to have been a fandom eruption.
Oct. 2nd, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
I heard something about "Snow, Mulan, Aurora (and Emma) teaming up and fighting monsters together", which sounds promising.

There are dedicated watchers of HOW who post to the liveblogs on the AMC site for the show, but that's really the only "community" I've seen. I'm not even sure there are Tumblrs devoted to it. There's a TAG for it on Tumblr and you get some watching-reactions there, but we have discussed before the impossibility of having a conversation via Tumblr. There are comments left on some of the sites doing weekly reviews of the episodes, but again, that's not really a community. I think I can count the fanfics for it on one hand.

It could be because it's flown under people's radar. I'm sure if you are already watching something on AMC, you'll see the billion promos for it, but otherwise, I don't know. It could be because it's a western, which is *A* genre, but not one of the related genres that typically appeals to the Fandom People, where word gets passed around.

I just checked -- AO3 only has 84 fan-works for "Deadwood", and FFN only has 59. In the case of AO3 I might wonder if that's because it's an older show, but FFN was around as a venue for posting while the show was on the air.

Hmm. I remember HEARING that "The Magnificent Seven" show became popular in a cult sort of way... but I also kind of got the sense that it was "popular" in that someone became really obsessed with it and created a popular AU in which the characters were ported into modern law enforcement roles. AO3 shows 1221 works for the show, and even though it ended in 2000, fic still seems to be being posted for it. (Though I haven't looked further into it to see whether it's for that AU or straight-up fic.) So I guess it's a little surprising that if there is a fandom for that show, that those people (who must like westerns to some degree) haven't picked up Hell on Wheels. (6 works on AO3. 26 on FFN.)

I guess I'd say, too, that the second season is more fan-bait than the first one was. I don't know. I'm not saying that either strongly triggers my "need fic for this" button, but if I'm trying to judge what appeals to fandom, there's a lot more "character relationship" stuff in second season. Which isn't just me, a number of reviewers and even cast members have commented that the show is trying to explore the various connections amongst the characters, both romantic and not, rather than making it a purely event-driven show. The protagonist has become a lot more likeable. (I liked him as a *character* in the first season, but he had... issues. Still, he had issues that you'd think would have been fan-bait-y.) There are more gaps in the timeline in second season where you might think fans would want to explore what's going on.

Oct. 2nd, 2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
I've never heard of Hell on Wheels, personally, but I watch very little live tv these days. The most "tv" I've been watching is streaming X-Files on Netflix. I never watched the series, just an episode here and there, so it's been interesting going back and watching it.
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