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Inspired by elishavah (I also liked how she put her finger on the fact that "meme" can be read as "me! me!" Yeah, that's true. Let's talk about *ME*. Heh.)...

KW: Red Orca

When I first got onto LJ, I needed an icon. My username makes it pretty clear what kind of icon I needed. I messed around with some actual pictures of orcas, but I really wanted something more... iconic. That I love NW Coast art style is coincidental to the fact that it is one of the few artistic traditions in which images of orcas are common. I did a lot of Google searching before I found this little fellow. If I ever get a tattoo, this is probably what I'd get. Even though I have no particular connection with the art style, other than liking it.

KW: Canucks

Because sometimes (not lately, obviously), I need an icon for when I'm posting or commenting about ice hockey. No, really. And no, it's not just because I like the logo. Although, that is lagniappe.

KW: Dominate!Jack

Whee! Because I'm a Stargate fangeek. Because I helped suck raqs into reading Stargate slashfic. Because she is such a good friend, she made me this icon. Because sometimes when I'm commenting in the LJs of slashwriters I have friended, this icon comes in mighty handy.

KW: Where's my moose?

Why is this icon not working? There was a little red X earlier, and now, I can only see half of the icon. That ain't right. Anyway... because I wanted an "Invader Zim" icon. Because "Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain" is both the first Zim episode I saw, and still my favorite. Because something about the moose charms me. Also possibly because it is a little-known fact that when I was very small, my mother's nickname for me was "Moose". It all comes together.

KW: Jack's neck

I owe this one to thegrrrl2002. Did you miss the part where I said I was a Stargate fangeek? Well, pay attention. It's going to come 'round again. You may even notice a certain theme. I don't get to use this one that much, but it's shallow, and I often am happily shallow in my fangeekiness. Plus, it makes me smile.

KW: Do a little dance!

I'm so proud: the first and only animated icon that I, myself, made, all on my own. I was also proud that people liked it so much they snagged it for their own use. Otherwise, this was simply the other Zim icon that I knew right away I NEEEEEEEEDED. The nice thing about it is, it can be used perfectly sincerely (for happiness), or it can be used in an ironic way.

KW: Dubious Jack

Told you a theme would become apparent. "How many Stargate!Jack icons does a girl need?" All of them. I use this one a good bit when commenting on Stargatey things; and not only when I have something dubious to say. For me, this is just a quintessentially *Jack* picture -- the head-tilt, the sidelong look, the glint of silver hair. It might be contemplative, or interrogative, rather than dubious. Who knows? I messed with it by slapping a watercolor filter on it in PS and liked the effect.

KW: Hula

First, because at some point I will likely be making more posts about hula, and it would be good to have an icon for that ("Squee! I got a new pa'u skirt!" or "We started learning a hula that uses 'uli 'uli's!" and so on.) Second, because "Lilo & Stitch" rocks. Third, because it was this very sequence in "Lilo & Stitch" that grabbed me and led me down the road to finding a halau and learning to dance hula, so it's all kinds of appropriate.

KW: Abyss gold

I can shamelessly admit that I made this icon because I was enthralled by the quality of light that troyswann can get in some of her icons, and I wanted to see if I could get anywhere near that. This still doesn't have the amazing burnished quality that some of hers do, but I liked it well enough. And sometimes it makes a nice change from the handful of other Jack icons I can choose from.

KW: Gun Geek

Yes, it's making fun of Jack wearing his safety goggles that look like nerd glasses. But goshdarnit, he looks so CUTE wearing them. Jack *is* a gun geek, and so, on occasion, when it comes to anal little details about weaponry or tech or background info on Stargate, am I. It also gives me something even geekier than the other SG icons to use when I'm feeling in a particularly geeky mode. No, I mean, even moreso than usual. It's a relative thing.

KW: Chemistry? Just Jack.

This one is the work of the estimable danvers. It makes me smile, and it's quite useful, as there's been a proliferation of fun threesome fic recently.

KW: Happy Flower Murakami

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese artist whose work is on display at the MFA in Boston. I saw the original show one day (there are a few pieces left from it installed in the lobby) and it really...made an impression on me. Some really disturbing stuff. But I was really taken with his mural "Cosmos"
. This is a detail from a piece that is related to the main design motif in "Cosmos", which is this happy daisy flower. It's very sunny and retro and... HAPPY. So that's how I use it. Not ironically at all.

KW: Sharpe Smile

One of these things is not like the others... yeah. I never got into fandom for "Sharpe", but I am definitely a Sharpe fan. And I had cause recently to say, "I need a Sharpe icon". Which meant that I had to find *the* Sharpe image out of all possible Sharpe images to sum up the way I feel about the subject. That turned out to be this.



( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 7th, 2004 10:52 pm (UTC)
So have you completely abandoned Anthony Head in favor of this Jack fellow?

I haven't watched any of the Stargate tv series. I've seen it as I've been flipping channels, but had no clue what was going on...
Sep. 7th, 2004 11:34 pm (UTC)
it is NOT too late to get into stargate :) i only started watching the episodes (from season 1 on, in order) in february, and i'm COMPLETELY & UTTERLY *HOOKED*


Sep. 8th, 2004 09:54 am (UTC)
(AARGH! Computer crash just as I was finishing up a long reply. HATE that!)

In short: oh yeah!

The thing is, although I adored ASH/Giles, obviously, he never had enough pull to drag me into Buffy fandom. I loved seeing him on the show, and would get upset when I thought they were underusing him, but, I was never tempted (because of him, or for any other reason) to read fanfic or participate in the fandom.

So it's a matter of degrees, really.

The same is true of SB, whom I still love, as well. I adore him to the extent that I was willing to go out and find and watch all of his other work, even the old and somewhat dodgy stuff. (As everyone whom I dragged to see "Ronin" can attest.) But as I said in my post -- it wasn't enough to get me into Sharpe fandom, or into LOTR fandom.

And then there's Jack. After watching the first 5 eps of season 5, I was moved to say, "I have to become completely obsessed with this, RIGHT NOW." (I was lucky that Stephen had seasons 1-3 on tape to loan to me, and S4 was playing in syndication simultaneously with S5 being broadcast on Showtime.)

It's not *just* Jack, mind you. Despite the evidence of my icons. :) It's the whole show. I love all the cast (I just love Jack a bit more), I love the concept, I love the stories, I love the military geeking, l love the humor (of which Jack is a large part, but not the only part), I love the production values. (This makes me think: I really need to get a general Stargate icon for myself; or a team icon, perhaps ganked from someone, since "Chemistry" doesn't quite count.)

If you're at all interested in giving the show a try, let me recommend the weeknight 6pm showings on SciFi. (The site I just checked says "6pm Eastern/Pacific", so I guess it's 6pm for you guys, too!) They are in the middle of season 1 right now, so, possibly easier to jump into. On Monday nights from 7pm-11pm, SciFi shows a block of the show, but that is in the middle of season 4 at the moment.

Of course, seasons 1-6 are now out on DVD. :) I know a lot of folks have been renting them through NetFlix, and if you have a good public library that likes to get boxed sets of shows, you might check to see if they have them.

http://www.gateworld.net is the best all-around source for both the TV schedules of the show, and also for background info (ep guides, encyclopedia of characters and storylines and alien races and so on ).

Plus -- you know me and how anally I tend to master details of something I'm obsessed with! So I'm always just an email away, if you have questions! :D
Sep. 8th, 2004 08:35 pm (UTC)
Cool! I will look around for the first season. I would like to start from scratch, if possible. I've been wanting something to have on the tv while I'm working, now that the Olympics are over, and this would be perfect.
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )