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My little foxies are back! Yay! It must have been a Horrible Mistake!

Getting together with jenlev and tafkarfanfic was a hoot; good people, good food, and good fannish geeking. Although, note to self: fannish geeking, it is dangerous. Because in such company do you do things like go into science fiction bookshops, and there you find out that the  stuffed Hydra by ToyVault is way more frighteningly adorable than you imagined it would be, and you realize that it Needs to Be Yours; and then there are similar problems involving the Newbury Comics shop next door and the first-season set of "MacGyver", and... *sigh*

And then I showed several key SG-1 S6 episodes to tafkarfanfic, which she hadn't actually seen and really, really needed to (as, for my money, and she concurred, along with "Abyss", some eps of S6 including "Paradise Lost", "The Changeling", and "Unnatural Selection" are some of the best eps of the entire 8-season run of Stargate, period). And lo, there was squeeing and geeking and that was good, too.

(I couldn't actually figure out whether this was supposed to be, like, "the year you entered high school" or rather, "the year you graduated", so I picked the latter.)

What year was it? 1986

What were your three favorite bands? Er... Slade. (Look it up.) And, rats, I can't even remember... something horribly uncool, like, uh, the Beatles probably, and Simon & Garfunkle (and other weird 60s and 70s bands, because honestly, with a few exceptions, my musical tastes had been influenced by my brother's music, and he was 10 years my elder and also, let's face it, a weenie when it came to music; I did like a lot of 80s music, but honestly, I liked songs rather than bands/artists). My musical knowledge and tastes would be significantly broadened when I went to college.

What was your favorite outfit? Jeans and a plaid flannel shirt.

What was up with your hair? Oh boy. It was cut fairly short, and I had a poodle perm. Seriously. I wasn't yet coloring it, though.

Who were your best friends? Joanna, Sally, Pam, and Joni. Joanna was a year older and had gone to West Chester Univ. the year before. Sally went into the Navy, which you really would never have expected from her. Pam went on to college...somewhere, and is still living back in the ol' hometown. Joni was the quintessential Bad Girl (smoking, having sex, etc.) whose fondness for and loyalty to me, a quintessential Geek, was always inexplicable to me; within the year, I would be maid of honor at her wedding. Her son will graduate from high school soon. She has been a fantastic Mom, recently went back to school and became a paramedic, and is also still married.

What did you do after school? Drama club, mostly. Also, I was one of those people who found too many activities took away from the geeky writing and art and reading that I wanted to be doing.

Where did you work? During the summers, at a miniature golf course. It was called Island Golf, in Surf City, NJ. It had a theme that was an inexplicable mixture of African safari (gorilla, elephant, leopard), South seas isles (hula girl, tikis), and the Caribbean (its central feature was the pirate ship hole which, despite the fact that the owner of the course had constructed the pirate ship entirely out of railroad ties, with a moat surrounding it, looked better than you are thinking it did, and it was also rather a hard hole to get a hole-in-one on).

Did you take the bus? I lived a 7-minute walk from my high school. At which (let me add here as there is nowhere else to impart this information, but it's very important to the understanding of my high-school experience) my mother was the Head Cook in the cafeteria (she had worked there since I was in 3rd grade).

Who did you have a crush on? Don. He broke my heart. Later in the year, thanks to Joanna, I started dating someone for the first time: Brigham.

Did you fight with your parents? Nope. I was really, really good at passive aggression; that, and caving in. Which means, I did what I wanted, if I really really wanted to do it. And otherwise, I gave in.

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? Oh, gosh! Good question... think, think, think. Oh, right. Nicholas Rowe. Hah, of course you don't know who he was! The previous year, though, he had starred in a perfectly awful movie that I nonetheless adored, called "Young Sherlock Holmes". Mmmmmm.

Did you smoke cigarettes? No. My father smoked all my life, and I loathed his second-hand smoke with a passion. I wouldn't have smoked if you paid me. The following year, by the way, my father would be dead from lung cancer.

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker? Huh? My locker was easy to find, and fairly convenient. Nonetheless, yes, I had a big backpack that I carried far too many books in.

Did you have a 'clique'? Yeah. The Geeky Art Student Clique. This was not, as you may imagine, the clique that everyone in the school was dying to get into.

Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater? This reference... eludes me.

ETA: apparently, it's a "Saved By the Bell" reference, and relates to whether I frequented a well-known hang out spot. In which case, the answer is easy: no, unless you count the fact that my Geeky Art Student Clique friends and I turned the art room into the place where we all met before homeroom to touch base before the school day. Which our art teacher didn't seem to mind. What stuns me about this is: I am *not* a morning person, homeroom started at 7:05 am, and we gathered in the Art Room *before* homeroom? How? What we were, zombies?

Admit it, were you popular? Nnnnnnnnnooooooooo. I was the sort of person who had the reputation as being one of the brainy people, and I usually had to point out, in all fairness, that I wasn't particularly competitive, and that I wasn't trying to get the highest grades and in fact didn't have the highest GPA. But I wasn't necessarily *un*popular. I was certainly *uncool*.

Who did you want to be just like? Indiana Jones

What did you want to be? Really, an archaeologist. I was *so sure* I'd be perfect at it. (That lasted until I took my first class at all related to archaeology in college... a college I had selected precisely for the glowing reputation of its archaeology department. Whoops.)

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? Hmm.... a professor of archaeology, living abroad somewhere. Or a famous writer. Or both.


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Jan. 29th, 2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
I think that "The Max" thing might have something to do with 'Saved By the Bell,' but I have never, ever watched that show so I'm not sure.
Jan. 29th, 2005 07:22 pm (UTC)
Ah, that'd be After My Time. The "Slater" thing made me wonder if it had something to do with the oeuvre of John Hughes, which despite it being *exactly* My Time, I was strangely unfamiliar with. (I did see "The Breakfast Club", but not the other de rigeur things like "Sixteen Candles", "Pretty in Pink", or "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", which were supposed to have defined the Teen Experience of that time.) Christian Slater is who leaps to mind when I hear "Slater", but he wasn't really on my radar.
Jan. 29th, 2005 11:28 pm (UTC)
Ah, that'd be After My Time.

Ahh, you'd think so, and maybe two years make a difference. But here's something odd I've discovered abotu people around my age. (And give or take two years, you are my age.) We all had a secret shameful twenty something past in which we watched Saved By The Bell. A lot. A whole lot. And not just as a one time switching channel thing. I have run into more people than I care to admit who share my secret pasttime from those glorious First Job days.
Jan. 30th, 2005 07:14 am (UTC)
Looking it up on IMDB, it would appear that Saved by the Bell was on from 1989-1993, which means that, completely coincidentally, it was on at exactly the time when I was doing the least TV-watching I have ever done.

When I entered college, my TV-watching took a nose-dive. Our dorm TVs sucked, and I didn't have my own. And no cable, of course. Freshman year, some friends and I made the serious effort to watch our local PBS station broadcasting "Blake's 7", which was the first media fandom I then entered (even though the internet was only nascent; but we did go to several cons, and bought and contributed to paper 'zines). But it *was* a serious effort (we caught the premiere of The Next Generation, but didn't keep up with it), and most of the time, I was too wrapped up in all the other things I was discovering -- new people, new music, new books, and a gigantic shared-writing experience that probably Ate My Brain a little *too* much -- to bother with television.

This is also the reason why I completely and totally missed "MacGyver", although I vaguely heard that it existed. (Yes, Mac came on while I was still in high school, and technically I should have picked it up; when I found out when it was originally broadcast, I understood why I didn't, but that's a different story.)

After college... we *did* pick up on some TV shows. Twin Peaks = yes. Northern Exposure = yes. X-Files = yes. Tiny Toons = yes. Animaniacs = yes. Babylon 5 = after a bit.

All I can guess is that at the time, the idea of watching a show about high school, which I was glad to have escaped, didn't appeal. I remember being fairly unentranced by "90210", as well, even though others around me were paying attention to it. And when "Buffy" started, I have to admit, the high-school setting initially caused hesitation, though it quickly sucked us in anyway, so it must have been that by that point, I was ready for it again.
Jan. 30th, 2005 07:17 am (UTC)
I should have clarified, though -- that by After My Time, I mostly meant, "after my actual high-school years, and therefore, impossible for me to associate with them as something defining".

I admit, I have a poor memory. What I'd really like right now is a listing of what was on TV in prime-time in 1984-86, so I could figure out what I was *actually* watching.
Jan. 29th, 2005 07:26 pm (UTC)
the hydra really needed to go home with you. so did the dvds. and it was fun to be a bad influence on someone other than myself. ;) thank you for a wonderful visit. i'm kind of regretting not getting the macgyver dvds too.

and i'm glad you guys got to watch those episodes from season 6. yum. i came home and watched prometheus unbound some more. and some more. *veg*

sad about your father *hug*, and i can't even go into a room with smoke. ack.

i *so* wanted to be an archaeologist; could barely learn basic german which i immediately forgot. so no cuneiform for me. at some point i should remember to tell you about the class i took in college on identifying potsherds.

frankly, you *are* very cool. which just goes to show that the high school definition of cool is defunct. *g*
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