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While this will mean almost nothing to most of my readers, I feel the need to share: minutes ago, the Vancouver Canucks won their sixth game in a row, and the last game of their regular season, to seal up the Northwest Division Championship.

To put this achievement in context -- this is the first time in 10 years they have managed to do so. Who has won that title for the last nine years in a row? Why, the Colorado Avalanche, that's who. Last season, who passed the Division-leading Canucks in the very last game of the season to take the Division title, again? That would be the Avalanche. Who's been dogging the Canucks' heels since January? You guessed it. Who obliterated the Canucks 9-2 in an ugly game in March that sparked an even uglier incident between one of the Canucks' star players and an Avalanche player, that wound up with the Avs player in the hospital and the Canucks player suspended for the rest of the season and the entirety of the playoffs? (That question pretty much answers itself.) After the suspension of Bertuzzi, who counted the Canucks out of contention for the Division, let alone for the Stanley Cup? Just about everybody.

So tonight, who did the Canucks just edge past in points, with their win, to secure the Division? Yes, that's right, the Avalanche, who play their last game tomorrow, but it's all a done deal.

Anyone who read about my goaltending dream not long ago might remember that at the time I described them as a sad little demoralized hockey club, in a pretty terrible slump. In only six games they turned that around, and looked like a completely different team. What a wave they've got to ride into the playoffs. Here's hoping!