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Though I feel fairly good about having scooped early pics of the Jack figure, we are now getting more info, via a Q&A at Gateworld:


One of the things this Q&A emphasizes is that all of the pics we have seen of all of the figures so far are *still* the prototypes. As we were speculating earlier, the right heads may not have been on the right bodies, and individual details are still being worked out. (For example, even at the time of the Q&A they say they are still trying to decide between removable glasses for Daniel, and ones molded onto the figure.) (Personally, I think the latter would probably come out looking better, but I can see the appeal of the former.)

Another nice thing -- check out the last pic of a Jack figure, way down on the page -- this shows standard offworld Jack wearing the correct BDU jacket underneath his tac-vest, not the longer tunic-shirt for base wear (and the Gen. O'Neill figure, at the top, is correctly wearing the base fatigues tunic, not the offworld BDU jacket). Amusingly, this prototype Jack is "young" Jack -- his hair's all brown.

The fact that there are still articulations to be cut into the figures makes me a little nervous. That could be done well, or... not. We'll see, I guess.

Oh, and the full Gate won't be able to be completed until the entire wave 2 set of figures is out. Darn!


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Feb. 3rd, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC)
it's good that they've been getting feedback. the question about the gate lighting up and spinning made me smile. darn, i want a working model. although that would be a bit small to travel through. maybe i could send my foot through on a mission? *veg*

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