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La la la... I got nothin'.

Huh. I haven't updated in a while. Mostly because I haven't really been doing anything update-worthy.

I fell off the wagon with regard to writing up thoughts on SciFi Friday, was too anal to skip the weeks I'd missed and just pick up with where-ever I was at, and now it's over. My little local viewing-group is replacing it with a grab-bag of "Dr. Who", "Deadwood", "Action!" (brilliant, so *of course* FOX cancelled it), and possibly S1 of SG-1, sometimes (we reserve the right to skip the really awful ones).

On my own, I am watching "due South" for the first time. (About midway through S1 right now.) Am finding it interesting, in the sense of, here's this show I've been aware of, and especially aware of tangentially through fandom, but I'd never seen it. I can't say that seeing the "Icebound Stream" vid and the "What's My Age Again?" vid at Escapade had nothing to do with finally pushing me into trying to see it. I'm also kind of on a "Canada is interesting" kick at the moment (evening pick-up reading at present is the new edition of "The Illustrated History of Canada"; it's extremely sobering when you realize that you don't know much that's specific about the history of a country that large and that much your neighbor).

Anyway. due South. "Sweet, and cute" is my assessment so far. I'm enjoying it, if not falling head over heels in fannish love with it. (That's not a slam. That describes my relationship with many beloved shows over the years.) Biggest "surprise" so far: the subtle humor and comedic timing that Paul Gross brings to Fraser. (Second biggest surprise: the number of humongous, boxy cars from the 70s apparently still being driven in "Chicago" in the late 90s.) I have this feeling that raqs would go for Fraser, although she is dubious about this. I dunno. I can't even quite explain why. I just think so.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to making my way slowly through the series. I'm also interested, on a low level, in the show's fandom's meta, since that's something that's been hovering around the edges of my fannish participation for years, but I didn't have anything to connect it to. I hope somebody gives me the low-down on what I'm *sure* were issues of vital interest to dS's fandom, such as the RayV-RayK switch.

What I'm reading: Rachel Caine's "Weather Warden" series, which I've enjoyed the hell out of. I have the 4th book in hand but have been taking a break (after blowing through the first three in a weekend), both to draw it out, and because I have a baaaaaaaaaad feeling about plot developments on the horizon and I'm trying to work up to it. Also, Cherryh's latest in the Foreigner series, the somewhat misleadingly-titled "Pretender" (in that the titular character never actually *appears*, although I suppose you can argue that the entire book is about disposing of him, so...). Unfortunately, this was a bit of a disappointment to me. I loved loved loved the first two books in the series (what is she on now, the third trilogy?), but have felt "ehn" about the rest, though I still read them to follow the advancing story. My problem, I've concluded, is that I want different things out of the world and the narrator character than Cherryh wants to focus on; she keeps giving me glimpses, but that's it. After the last one, I had hopes of this latest book in terms of action and plot. But it felt very repetitive to me, like it had nothing new to say, and like the actual action in it was all stuff we'd been through before. There were no surprises, and with relation to the narrator, no real sense of *peril* any more (to him, especially; or to those around him), which makes reading about him going through faux-peril kind of irritating. Ah well. Of course I'll still read the next one. But this one, I got from the library, and the next I will too.

I am *poised* to read Naomi Novik's series, too; just *poised*. To my surprise, my local library system has ordered "Temeraire". Yes, you read that right. "Temeraire", not "His Majesty's Dragon". Already, I'm intrigued by that. (For those not in the know: I had understood that "Temeraire" was the title of the first book in Britain, but that it was being released in the US at the end of March under the different title "His Majesty's Dragon". Hmm.)

What else? Renewing my car's registration has been needlessly fraught this year. Let's just say that it involves a parking ticket from *2003* that I hadn't realized I failed to pay, and that I'm scrambling to avoid getting any more $100 citations, and... would it kill them to issue a *warning* first and then give me a short grace period to, like, *deal* with all this stuff, rather than slamming me with a hundred bucks off the bat? Grrr.

Recently acquired the soundtracks to many of the Broadway musicals of my youth (meaning, that my parents owned the LPs of, and that I therefore grew up listening to): the Burton "Camelot"; the Mostel "Fiddler on the Roof"; the Dean Martin "Bells are Ringing"; "Fiorello!"; the movie "West Side Story"; and "Godspell". Ah, they take me back. Am still frustrated by the fact that they do not seem to have ever released ALW's *original* (short) "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". The precise recordings that one grew up on are the *only* ones that sound "right". I don't *want* any of the umpteen expanded stage versions of "Joseph". I want *that one*.

My cat has dandruff. I have to figure out what to do about that. I had no idea that cats could have combination skin. This is the cat that gets -- no lie -- chin pimples. And I had *no idea* that cats could have acne, but... apparently so. Now she's got dandruff too. Is this normal, I ask you?

Finally, the Canucks have been *sucking*. Right now they are battling hard just to make it into the playoffs. (*crossing fingers for another win against the Oilers tonight*) This appears to be the most fraught lead-up to the playoffs that anyone can remember recently. There are presently 7 teams within 6 points of each other, all scrabbling for 5 playoff slots. It's madness. And then wacky schedule stuff happens, such as right now, when the Canucks are playing the Oilers 3 games in a row, and 1 point separates them. Yikes. The Canucks won the first of the three, and immediately went from 10th place in the Conference to 7th. (Only the upper 8 go to the playoffs.) Madness, I tell you.


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Mar. 23rd, 2006 12:25 pm (UTC)
I really need to put the original version of What's My Age Again into the mix for tomorrow, just so that you can know what an amusing cover that really was.

Alas, unless it's waiting for me in the mail when I get home, no new Deadwood this week. I did get Space Above and Beyond, and if I fall sufficiently in love with it I may force you to watch an ep or two. You know one of the major/fan beloved characters is a slightly older, grey haired fellow? I'm just sayin'. And I have to remember to grab The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl for you to read. You can get through it in a night or two, not a long read.

Mar. 23rd, 2006 01:10 pm (UTC)
Bummer, on Deadwood. I *hope* it's there when you get home tonight.

(Deleted comment)
Mar. 23rd, 2006 01:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'll have to see what the little princess is willing to eat. She's not that interested in tuna, normally. Also, see above about the acne: will giving her more oily stuff just exacerbate that?
Mar. 23rd, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
Ah, Due South. The BBC used to show it, and I remember being home a year or so after I moved to London and watching it in my parents' living room. I was laughing at certain bits and my mother, who wasn't watching the TV, because she was through the (huge) arch into the kitchen, was laughing too. Then she said "what are you watching?"

"Due South" I replied.

"But isn't that about Canadians?"

There followed a brief explanation that yes, apparently Canadians could now mock themselves. She then laughed her head off - I think it wasn't the concept that Canadians had a sense of humour, as that it was just so refreshing to watch them send up their own stereotypes instead of relying on others to do it.
Mar. 23rd, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
'La la la... I got nothin'.'

"Loo-loo-loo - I gots nothin', too..."
Mar. 24th, 2006 09:20 am (UTC)
Paul Gross is teh hott. Seriously. If you get a chance to catch his new series _Slings And Arrows_ (a BRILLIANT biting satire of the Stratford Festival, and of theatre in general), do-- it's high-larious.
Mar. 29th, 2006 06:04 am (UTC)
I had a cat with chin pimples, and it turned out to be irritation from (maybe an allergic reaction to) her plastic food bowl. I switched to stoneware (salad plates from an old set of people-dishes), and it cleared up. Just swapping in cheap uncoated paper plates might also work, if that's what it is?
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