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For the three of you out there who are also interested in the Stargate action figures that are coming out, some further information... (some are now for sale on eBay; more news on variants, including Desert Cammo [sic] Daniel Jackson in the 'do-rag beloved by so many; plus, don't forget your free Jack figure avail. from some comic shops on Free Comic Book Day, this Sat., etc.)...

Okay! First, we now have a list of what it sounds like will be all the available variants in this First Wave (though lord knows, they keep surprising me with new variants popping up):

-- Serpent Guard (with removable helmet)

-- Col. Jack O'Neill (olive BDUs, baseball cap)
-- Col. Jack O'Neill, black-ops ltd. variant (black BDUs, black knit hat)
-- Col. Jack O'Neill, desert cammo ltd. variant (khaki BDUs, goggles; see below)

-- Gen. Jack O'Neill, ltd. variant (still can't confirm whether he's in olive base fatigues, with the tunic/shirt, or olive BDUs with the short-waisted BDU jacket; I have seen a pic of the latter on eBay but it's hard to tell if it's an accurate pic of the figure being offered)
-- "Gen." Jack O'Neill, black-tshirt and olive BDU pants -- Free Comic Book Day promotion

-- Daniel Jackson (olive BDUs)
-- Daniel Jackson, desert cammo ltd. variant (cammo 'do-rag; BDUs are actually darker than the usual desert cammo, looks more like the forest cammo; see below)

I don't really have a *lot* of info yet on all of the accessories. I do know that the tac-vests (which look so bulky on the figures, rather like Mae West lifevests) *are* removable, as I've been guessing all along. I also know that the figures are supposed to come with P90s and zats. From one pic I have seen, it also looks like separate accessories are a GDO, and a radio. (Oh good -- choking hazards!) But I can't find any info on what's up with Daniel's glasses; both pics of Daniel figures I've seen show him without glasses on, although I guess that doesn't mean they may not be an accessory for him.

Pieces of the Stargate (which is supposed to be pretty much in scale with the figures, which is AWESOME) will come with each figure. I can only assume that they will only come with the standard figures, not the limited-edition variants. A little while ago, I did read someplace that this First Wave of figures may not give us enough pieces to make an *entire* Stargate. We may have to wait for the Second Wave to get the whole thing.

(I have heard that the Second Wave will be Sam, Teal'c, and Thor. And that it might be out as early as September.)

The First Wave of figures appears to already be out in Australia -- because if you go on eBay, some figures, including some of the limited-edition variants, are already for sale there. Also for sale on eBay: some early copies of the black-tshirt Jack from FCBD; and a whole lot of copies of a prototype of the standard Col. Jack figure, that was apparently issued as a numbered run of 500 at Wizard Con or something like that. (Frankly, I am not interested in that figure, because it's a prototype, and it appears to have some of the drawbacks that some of us noted when we commented on early pics of the figures. Plus, because it's so limited, the price is all hiked up.)

From everything I've heard, the First Wave is supposed to go on sale in the U.S. in June or July.

eBay seems to be a good place to find the figures, including for bargain prices (or it will be, once they become generally released in the U.S.). If you want to see what's out now, I suggest just putting "stargate figure" into the search box.

Here are some examples for you to look at:


-- the "convention exclusive" prototype Jack figure. I include this mainly because it gives you a little pic of the accessories.


-- "desert cammo" (in reality, forest cammo) Daniel Jackson, from Australia. The other pics of standard DJ figures for sale on eBay from Australia just show the really old, original photo of the prototype DJ figure that we were all criticizing ("what the hell is going on with his neck?" etc.) -- but this one looks to me like it's a pic of the actual released figure (simply because we have not seen any previous pics of these desert cammo variants, so at least we *know* in these cases that these aren't very old promo pics that have been floating around forever just being used as examples of the real release figures). But this pic doesn't show/confirm what accessories come with it, nor does the item description.
What's interesting about this figure to me? The forest cammo along with the 'do-rag and the lack of glasses? That's Daniel from S4's "The First Ones" (when he gets kidnapped by Chaka and dragged around).


-- desert cammo Jack. This one just makes me laugh. :) Mostly because it's so *clearly* modelled on Jack specifically from the opening sequence of S4's "Absolute Power" (including, I assume, wearing his hat backwards; and you just *know* those goggles aren't removable). You can see how the *real* desert-cammo BDU are actually different from what the Daniel figure above is wearing. You can also see Jack here with the removable tac-vest in the desert cammo color. (Which itself is an inaccuracy, because the desert cammo BDUs involved wearing a different kind of vest, much lighter and more mesh-constructed, than the standard black tac-vest; but what the hell, they're action figures, there are limits...)

Happy shopping, everybody!


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May. 4th, 2006 09:45 am (UTC)
I have to call my local shop and see if they will be carrying it. I want my free toy!
May. 4th, 2006 10:58 am (UTC)
Yeah, definitely! The thing I didn't mention was -- the O'Neill black-tshirt figure is only one of two or three non-comic freebies that stores may have. I mean, the free comics are obvious, and probably all participating stores will have all of them; but in addition to those, there's 2 figures. One is the O'Neill figure from Diamond. And one is a Wolverine figure from Marvel (but not related to the X-movies). The trick is that participating stores will probably have one *or* the other, not both. You'd have to call stores beforehand to find out. The site doesn't seem to say what distribution pattern there is to them or what distribution ratios (more of the Marvel fig, or more of the SG fig? etc.)

I've also never attended a FCBD, so I have no idea whether, if you want one of these special freebies, you have to make a big effort to get there the moment the store opens, or what.

Go here for more info and a way to find stores in your area (anyone's area!) participating:

May. 4th, 2006 10:44 am (UTC)
Oooh... I wonder if they're posable?
May. 4th, 2006 11:03 am (UTC)
Well, I've read that the figures have 17 points of articulation.... o.O

I'm trying to figure out how you get THAT many points of articulation on a smallish figure... neck; 2 shoulders; 2 elbows; 2 wrists; waist; 2 hips; 2 knees; 2 ankles -- er, that's still only 14. Hmm. Maybe if the waist can both twist, and bend, that's counted as 2 points? I'm not sure... Still finding it hard to reach 17, though...
May. 4th, 2006 11:04 am (UTC)
Well, they were obviously made for slashers, then :) Let the games begin!
May. 4th, 2006 02:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, 'Desert Combat Jackson' in his forest camo is wearing Jack's fingertipless black gloves! Was Daniel wearing those in 'The First Ones'? Must look.

Thanks so much for all the links and info.
May. 5th, 2006 08:58 am (UTC)
Hey, you're right! I totally didn't notice! No, he didn't wear those in that ep. (I had to go find screencaps of the ep to verify to myself that Daniel wore the forest cammo in it; my brain tends to forget the forest cammo and just think of it as the plain olive BDUs. Though I *do* sort of consistently remember that Jack wears forest cammo in that ep. SG-1 did not wear the forest cammo very often at all.)

I find that amusing just in the sense of... it's so clear that for the Jack and Daniel figures at least, their bodies are somewhat... interchangeable. :) Clearly they did 2 sculpts of lower-arm/hands, one with the gloves (for use with some of the Jack figs) and one without. But when you're assembling a figure -- what the hell, grab whatever lower-arm/hand pieces you like. :) (But they can't do this with the Sam or Teal'c figs, obviously.)

Now! Just to confuse things even further! Someone posted this to jd_daily yesterday:


Some of the pics in this article are just pics of the old prototypes or the old promo pics of the figs that we saw months and months ago. (You can tell they're prototypes, because in some of them, the legs don't have any articulation -- but if you look closely at the Teal'c pics I posted, you can see the cuts made to give the legs articulation.) But there's a couple "new" pics that muddy the issue of the desert cammo figures...

Namely -- oh, look! Desert cammo Daniel *actually wearing* desert cammo, not forest cammo! (With gloveless hands.) And Desert cammo Jack... just in the t-shirt, not in the BDU jacket. Huh!

I haven't read the text of this article yet so I'm not sure yet where these pics are from, but they look to me like a display at a convention -- Wizard Con or maybe Comics Con or something. So, definitely prototypes, again.

This doesn't explain what's up with the versions of forest-cammo-Daniel and desert-cammo-Jack that I linked to above, for sale on eBay from Australia. Reading the item descriptions closely, even *those* may not be pics of the actual figs for sale, but may be promo pics of some sort (because they do identify those auctions as pre-orders for figures that will be avail. 5/31). Hmm!
May. 4th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
hee! i do wish they'd figure out their demographics. ;)

so....these are out as of saturday? *veg*
May. 5th, 2006 09:01 am (UTC)
Sadly, no. :) On Saturday, at *some* comic shops (but not all), the black-tshirt-Jack *may* be available as part of the Free Comic Book Day promotion. (But some shops may have the other free action figure, a Marvel Wolverine, instead of Jack, too.)

It's hard to tell when the First Wave figures will actually be available for sale -- I've heard 5/31 in some places, "June or July" in others.

And the Sam and Teal'c set will be for sale in September.

Right now on eBay, you could get black-tshirt-Jack (which I did), and you can buy prototype Jack ( which doesn't seem worth it to me). All the rest of the eBay auctions are preorders for figs that won't ship until later.
May. 5th, 2006 04:12 pm (UTC)
*sighs pathetically* i'll be patient. i'm going to order the complete set from a guy up north.

er, i'm agreeing about prototype jack. *bg*
May. 4th, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)
I got to play with the t-shirt Jack variant yesterday because some friends of mine own a comic business.

I thought thought the face looked a little more like Mark Harmon than RDA. Not bad, but not any where near as good a likeness as the Teal'c figures. But the body was well done (though I didn't try out the movement too extensively, the figure was still in its bag). It was surprisingly heavy, easily about three times the weight of my flimsy plastic LOTR figures.

The zat looked pretty nifty as well. It had the right iridescent purple coloring and fairly-detailed contouring. The GDO was plain, all-over gray, but it had little raised buttons on its face. The P-90 was a little harder to see since it was plain all-over black, but it looked like it had some carved in details. It at least had more to it than just the outer shape of the gun. The radio as well had some detailing to it. Overall I thought the accessories were good; I recognized each one of them immediately anyway. It wasn't like some figures when you open up the accessories packet, and you can't tell what all the little bits of plastic are supposed to be

Hello, btw, I friended you a while back, but have never commented. Not a crazy stalker, just a Jack fan. :)
May. 5th, 2006 09:11 am (UTC)
*waves* Hi! :)

That's so cool to hear, about the detail of the accessories! Neat, quality accessories are *SO* important! That's part of what I groove to with action figures. (It's hard to explain why I find action figures so... interesting, or compelling. I'm not a collector *as such*. Rarity doesn't interest me -- though variations do. I'm also fairly picky about quality and success of likeness and so on. These SG figs strike me as high-quality, but they're scoring middling marks on the likeness. I think what really interests me is this intersection between art -- a good likeness, a good piece of sculpture essentially -- and functional toy, plus the miniaturization aspects. Which is why accessories *are* important, and they too should have both artistic quality and good "play" function. Even if I don't "play" with action figures any more, I guess I still remember what it was about them that I loved when I was 9, and what I *wished* they could be.)

And yeah -- I agree with you just from the photos I've seen (have you seen the ones on jd_daily? Those are the best close-ups I've seen so far) that Jack's face... isn't quite as *Jack* as I'd like. "Mark Harmon" is a good comparison. I don't think the Daniel is that great, either. In fact, from everything I've seen, I'm *still* trying to figure out how the Teal'c one came out *so* well!

I may experiment with black-tshirt-Jack, and try to repaint his face, and see if that helps. (Hey! I used to paint miniatures, back in the day!) I don't know whether it will or not. I feel like some of the problem may be the sculpt itself, and the expressions that RDA and MS had when they did the scan of their faces. Jack seems awfully expressionless, and the whole *point* of Jack is that even when he's got his best poker-face on, his face has this *life* to it. That's always the problem with figures that try to replicate real people -- the "deathmask" problem.

Interesting to know that they're heavy. Hmm. I have one LOTR fig (Boromir), and largely I thought it was a pretty good-quality figure, as figures go. Will be interesting to compare them.
May. 5th, 2006 12:36 pm (UTC)
I totally agree about the accessories. Back in the day I had some ST:TNG and DS9 figures and the tricorders and phasers were basically just oddly shaped bits of plastic. Though, to be fair that was something like 10-12 years ago and the quality and the fabricating process have come a long way.

The likeness is key to me too since I don't really play with them, mostly just decorate my bookshelves with the LOTR figures(except for that time I staged key scenes from the books using the figures and Peeps. Yeah, me and sugar not such a good mix.) The LOTR figures I thought were kind of mixed bag, Legolas and Eowyn look very much like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Otto, but Aragorn and Boromir don't really look much like Vigo Mortensen and Sean Bean to me. Boromir's the better of those two, I think.

I wonder if it's just something about the various actors' faces that takes better to the scanning process. Or maybe it's about the way they portray the character. Chris Judge has to play Teal'c so stoic, his face is always pretty still so we're used to seeing him that way. Shanks and RDA have much more mobile expressions as Daniel and Jack so we're not used to seeing them hold one expression so tightly. And RDA particularly has this charisma thing that'd be pretty hard to capture in a small, still figure. :)

I have one LOTR fig (Boromir), and largely I thought it was a pretty good-quality figure, as figures go.

I don't have much to compare the LOTR figures to since they're the only ones I have these days, but I wasn't really happy with some of the joints, they bend in weird ways (my Frodo looks like he's stuck mid-Yoga pose, his waist won't stay in position where his torso is in line with his legs)or won't hold a position, and they don't like to stand upright very well.
May. 6th, 2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
hey thanks for the heads up about FCBD - i happened to poke my head into LJ land yest and saw this message.
this morning i dragged my 2 children (who couldn't care *less* about comic books or jack o'neill) down to the comic book store and got the FCBD black t-shirt jack figure - my daughter wanted to know if she could trade hers for a sam figure. i told her to hang onto it and maybe we could swap for one at some point.
not sure if FCBD black t-shirt jack is the same as the ebay black t-shirt jack but you got if it's not i do have an extra i could send you (my son's - who couldn't stop rolling his eyes the entire time we were in the store)
Jun. 14th, 2006 08:05 pm (UTC)
Wow! That's the first time in quite a while that LJ has delayed the delivery of emailed comments! I just got a little handful of comments from early May... weird. (Also annoying.)

So, belatedly -- aww! Thanks for the offer, hon! jenlev and tafkarfanfic happened to be in town that day, and we happened to be in Harvard Square where they have several comic shops, so we stopped in to those -- but none of them had the Jack figure, and they never had. (They hadn't just run out.) Although it sounded like more people than just us had been in to ask about it, because when we showed up and asked the one guy put his hands over his ears and pleaded for us to leave him alone. :)

So anyway, when I got home I got on eBay, and scored one of the FCBD black-tshirt figures for about $10, which I figured was worth it.

Odd figures, aren't they? Not the very best action-figures I've ever seen. Have had some fun with it, though. Went to visit jenlev over the weekend and we had fun posing Jack with her ST:TNG figure of Q ("jack o'neill finds out about col. simmons' secret identity"); I think the pic is in her LJ from over the weekend. :)

Anyway, thanks for thinking of me! I wish LJ hadn't screwed that up. (Of course, I should probably be better about going back and checking comments on my *posts*, at least, and not trusting that LJ is just emailing them all to me.)
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