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Jul. 22nd, 2006

Back. Almost caught up. "friends/stargate?skip=320" is what I have to say about that, but I *had* to go through it all, there might have been something *important* that I wouldn't have seen otherwise! (And I was right about that on many counts, so, good. But still, *pant, pant*.)

Surprised to discover that "Eureka" is actually pretty good. Not unflawed, but enough there to catch my attention and make me feel like watching it as the hour before the Gates come on would be reasonable fun. (Yes, I know that's not when it's going to be on normally; that's what the magic of TiVo is for.) Am interested to see how it settles down into a series, and whether they fix some stuff or avoid some stuff that I'd like them to avoid. I like the performance of several of the leads, though. And it's just nice seeing Matt Frewer again. (Boy, was the pilot Guest Stars of Vancouver, or what?) But it sure doesn't suck, and that's a nice surprise.

I can't tell people how rarely it happens that a TV show bestows upon a character my real surname, *spelled correctly* (which is a slightly-rarer variation of the main spelling that, judging by everyone I have ever met, people apparently have a very hard time not writing/saying on some instinctive or reflexive level). So, I raise a bottle of beer to you, SG-1. It was actually somewhat startling to hear that name said correctly several times tonight. (I hypothesize that the spelling variant may be more common in Canada; then again, who knows? *shrug*)

I'd have more to say about the Gates, but *clunk* *zzzzzzzz*. (Not in the "they merely bored me" sense... and not, I suddenly realize, in a "clever reference to SG1's plot" sense -- just, can't summon necessary brainpower, gotta go to bed, sense.)


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Jul. 22nd, 2006 01:02 pm (UTC)
welcome back! i'm off to vt in an hour......but am sending you a big *hug*.

i liked eureka too. i agree it's flawed, but the characters were intriguing, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.
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