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More Cancellation News, Comments...

The Solutions Blog is one of the places I go to look for updates, and they are doing a good job of rounding up coverage of all this:


New up there today are links to E! Online's article ("In a statement long on plaudits (i.e., “worldwide phenomenon”) and short on specifics, Sci Fi said it was canceling SG-1 because, well, it just was.")... Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune ("A shabby axing for an interstellar show.")... a very brief statement by MS...

And, of most substance, a link to TV Guide Insider, with the first statements from Brad Wright: "While executive producer Brad Wright tells TV Guide his "dream is to take SG-1 back to the feature it began as," we are now hearing that MGM may produce a series of TV-movies based on the mother-ship series." (n.b. I would feel better if the article confirmed from whom it was hearing the latter -- from BW? From Pryor at MGM, whom it then quotes? Or...?)

"Pondering the idea of at least one movie, Wright says that the show's finale — the last 10 episodes should begin unspooling around March — "should be a very satisfying end to the season, but not necessarily an end to SG-1 by any means."


ETA: From the Province, more words from RCC:


"Cooper says a good guess would be an SG-1 miniseries, made-for-TV movie or even a feature. Good news for the 200-or-so crew that work on the show."

ETA2: Be sure to go look at fantasygoat's post today.


Aug. 24th, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
No, I'm completely with you on the "quality versus quantity" angle. That's why I'm optimistically plumping for the movie/mini choice. At least in *theory*, it allows them to concentrate effort to produce something of quality. (Obviously, they can still bungle it; but I tend to be an optimistic person. :P ) Plus, I really think that the movie/mini has the potential to bring us back the Original Team, for a number of reasons. (Again: not necessarily; but I think it is a not-unreasonable hope with that format, whereas I don't think it's a hope at all with a new 20-ep season, so...)

*crossed fingers*

Also: *SNORT* (I haven't actually seen that calendar; but oh, I can imagine!)