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SciFi Friday: SG1, SGA, bonus (09-08-2006)

SG-1 10.08: Memento Mori

Oh, they’re back to using THIS framing device, are they? **sigh** On a happier note, it is nice to see that in this scene at least, they remembered that Vala is a kick-ass hand-to-hand fighter.

Being who I am (a strong J/D person), I feel unthreatened by the idea of Daniel taking Vala out to a swank restaurant. I can sit back and say generously, “… and the Daniel/Vala shippers go wild!”

A note for Daniel: if you **don’t** want your date to think you have taken her on a DATE, then you might start by taking her to a less upscale restaurant. Of course, this is Daniel we’re talking about. There’s no particular evidence that he was ever that practiced at his own society’s courting rituals. Dating Sarah in grad school doesn’t count, it was grad school, after all. And this is the man who met his wife when her father presented her to him as a GIFT.

Still, my point stands. If you don’t want Vala to think it’s a date, then good lord, make it a Team Night Out or something. Surely you’re allowed back into O’Malley’s at this point?

Also? Daniel? How can I put this… in the early days, you had the fashion sense of an academic nerd. Then you got over it, and actually bought some fairly nice suits. What do you call what you’re doing now, fashion-wise? And? What, in your anthropological “I notice the customs and appropriate behavior of societies” brain, made you think that wearing **that** particular shirt **untucked** over **JEANS**, whether or not it was under a suit-jacket, was appropriate attire for that particular restaurant?

Seriously. I hate to say this, because it is not a compliment, but **Jack** would have had a better sense of both dress and propriety than that. You were, in fact, **dressed** for O’Malley’s, so again, I’m not sure why you didn’t just go there. Imagine how much fun Vala would have if you taught her to play pool, particularly once she found out that people wager sums of money on the game.

While I’m being catty: I didn’t like Vala’s top. Is that, like, fashionable right now? Anywhere? Once again, I never thought I would be holding **Sam** up as the fashion example (based on some of her past mistakes in this area), but really – who helped Vala buy that outfit?

Okay. I’m done.

It was nice that the waiter had the presence of mind to say something to Daniel when he went back to deliver the drinks.

Annnnnnd… the Goa’uld Big Bad this ep will be… Athena?

This gave telepresence and I pause – literally, we had to pause the TiVo and discuss this – because Athena seems an odd choice as a god who was a goa’uld. Furthermore, as nice as it was to see Daniel later doing his very Daniel-thing of delivering the folkloric exposition regarding this new player… sadly, that was poorly written and (unsurprisingly, I guess) not up to the standard of similar monologues he has given in the past.

To refer to Athena as a Greek goddess of war is… okay, look. Yes, she was, obviously, that’s what the helmet and the spear were all about. But I’d be willing to put money on the assertion that if you asked anybody who knew anything about Greek mythology to describe Athena, “goddess of war” is not the first thing they would say, let alone the ONLY thing they would say. Come on, folks. This is middle-school mythology stuff. Of the Greek gods, Athena was more complex than most. She was wisdom **and** war combined. She was a culture-giver, and she was a major patroness of Greek civilization – Athens, olive trees, hello?

As Telepresence summed it up: in the Greek pantheon, Athena wasn’t one of the Asshole Gods. She had her moments, of course, as they all did, but by and large she was better known for non-asshole qualities. The Greeks had Ares to embody the asshole qualities of war.

So it’s a little difficult to reconcile her non-asshole, wisdom-embodying, protector, civilizing qualities with the Goa’uld. Not impossible, perhaps – I guess the best parallel would be with Yu, and Daniel made sure to underscore the point that Yu was a culture-giver when he originally introduced **that** System Lord in a lecture.

Telepresence was also incensed by their description of Athena as a “minor player”. I do agree with him that if you’re going to do Athena, she really ought to kick ass. That’s why the abbreviated, simplified spiel on her really does a disservice to the idea of setting up the character as a good villain – she’s a more effective villain if you know that she has some complexity and unpredictability. Isn’t she scarier if you know that she was the goddess of wisdom? I.e. she might actually be, you know, **smart**, like Baal is?

I’m guessing they went with the “minor player” description for two reasons: one, to explain how it is that Athena survived when most of the bigger System Lords got gurked, and further, to explain why the heck we hadn’t heard of her in the least for 10 years. I’m thinking that may the writers think that if they don’t put in something like that, we’ll say, “well, if she was so gosh-darned important, how come this is the first we’ve heard of her?” But I think they’re over-thinking things.

Additionally, though, perhaps the thinking was that since she did embody a number of non-asshole qualities, she would naturally be secondary in power to Goa’ulds who had the identity of much more ruthless gods. I also suggested that it’s possible that Athena remained on Earth longer than some of the other System Lords (thus explaining her close, personal, and somewhat positive relationship with the Athenians), as a big fish in a small pond.

The saddest part is that at the end of the ep, there is every indication that Athena is still out there, doing her thing. She’s a card that the show dealt, and they leave her on the table, but now they'll never really get a chance to play her again. (I assume, anyway, that she is not going to figure in any of the remaining S10 storylines.) She’s a dangling potential, and that’s kind of a pity.

We commented at the time that it was fairly annoying for the show to employ the cliché dramatic device of intercutting shots of Our Heroes readying an assault on a warehouse with shots of the Bad Guys looking up and hearing noises – only to find that it’s a fake-out. So we were actually semi-impressed when it turned out to be only HALF a fake-out – yes, SG-1’s particular assault didn’t pan out, but one of the assaults did and the Bad Guys were truly discovered.

That has to be the most number of casualties for Our Guys that I ever remember seeing happen all at once, in a non-offword-battle situation. We were all, “WHOA! They killed the hell out of that guy! And those guys – YEEEG!” But the plot necessitated that none of the Good Guys be around so that Vala could get away, I guess. Bummer of an assignment.

We liked Sal, the guy who ran Sol’s Diner. We liked Det. Ryan a lot, too; he was cute, and pretty much not stupid. (We would like to see more of him, please.)

Here’s something I’d like to know, though. Vala is not exactly keeping a low profile at Sol’s. She’s WORKING there, she’s taking orders and everything. Hardly hiding. Furthermore – sorry, one more catty comment – nobody is going to be walking 20 miles in those boots she was wearing. Given that she was working at Sol’s for a good two weeks before the SGC found her because of the check on her identity that the police were running, um… I just want to know why it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone to start at the warehouse where she went missing, and do a grid-search of the surrounding area with a photo of her in hand? Because the two options were that she was taken away by some surviving Trust agent in a car (bad) or she left on foot (better).

I’m sort of going to assume that the SGC has not taken the rather obvious step of establishing an identity for Vala in the Real World – which seems remarkably short-sighted of them, and in that case they should never let her off the base at all, for any reason. (Because not only could she be kidnapped, but just her and Daniel being in a very unfortunate car accident would have been complicated enormously by her having no ID and no official identity.)

The reason I’m assuming this, though, is that in addition to searching the area around the warehouse, there seemed to be no indication that the SGC had, like, notified the actual authorities about this Missing Person (the police? The FBI?), and had them help in the search. Why not? (Or did they and I missed them saying this?) Vala isn’t like Teal’c, her physiology doesn’t present an enormously difficult dilemma should she come into contact with people in the real world.

As it is, frankly, thank god Ryan decided to take her in to the police station – I assume, with the original intention of having her make a statement (I’m guessing that’s the least you have to do if you foil some robbers in the act) – and then got suspicious enough to run a check on her. I kind of felt for Vala at that point, since she was right, she hadn’t really done anything wrong, but she just wasn’t able to bluff her way around the things she didn’t know. And not being willing to give your full name to the police when they want to take your statement – again, I’m guessing they aren’t thrilled by that. (Although – I would like to know what rights a person in that situation has, since they **aren’t** being charged.) Nor would Ryan have been thrilled by her lack of ID.

(Random background note: the State of Colorado flag in Ryan’s office was a nice touch. Doesn’t make me forgive them for the Colorado plates in “Uninvited”, but…)

Anyway, one is left with the uncomfortable feeling that if that hadn’t happened, by chance, the SGC would never have actually found her, and they would have had to wait for her memory to come back on its own for her to come home. Which is a disconcerting notion. Seriously. You have a missing woman and you know her last known location and you’re pretty sure she got away on foot… and two weeks later you still haven’t found her? Man, so much for all those fanfics in which one of the team goes missing locally and the SGC cunningly moves heaven and earth until they are located and rescued.

(I realize I’m being a bit unfair – technically speaking, it **DID** find her once, and it was their rescue attempt that allowed her to get away from the Baddies. Still. Two weeks at Sol’s Diner, within walking distance of the warehouse she escaped from? Honestly.)

Nice staging on the moment when you get a glimpse of the people coming to pick Vala up at the police station, and we’ve been told it’ll be “Colonel Carter”, and for a second there it looks like it might be (“why the hell would Sam be wearing her class A’s on this errand?” I thought to myself), and **WHOA*!!! THAT’S NOT SAM! Ooooh, suck.

And now, for the first time in 10 years, SG-1 will do… a car chase, on the “freeway”. (Minor techincal question: do they call it the freeway in Colorado? Or the highway? It’s a fair question; say “freeway” and I tend to think of California, and certainly there are many places in the U.S. where that term isn’t used.) Oh, Cam, you cowboy, you. Of course, I would argue that there is a good reason why SG-1 never did a car chase before, and that is that with few exceptions, I think, car chases are filler material. It’s snarky to say, but it used to be that SG-1 needed all 42 minutes of its ep time to take care of the STORY, not waste however-many seconds/minutes on pointless action…

Ehn. But maybe everybody is sitting around figuring “it’ll be fun”, and I admit, both Telepresence and I laughed out loud at the cheesetastic-ness of it.

Similarly, you could also almost SEE the glee of everyone involved in that car’s spectacular roll-over, which was definitely one of the more violent I’ve seen. They could have just veered off the road and hit a tree, but noooooo – you can totally tell that they were all, “ooh, can we make it roll over? KEEN!”

To be honest, though, I am shocked that Vala walked away from that. (First, we were shocked that it didn’t then EXPLODE, the way most movie/tv cars do in that situation.) It kind of sounded like some of the others in the car were **killed**, later. The way that thing bounced, it’s nothing short of a miracle that she was able to get herself out of it, with no injuries at all, and that she was alert enough to take Cam prisoner and commandeer that other car.

I would also just like to say: Cam, you WUSS. You were shot in the ARM, why the hell are you writhing around on the ground all ineffectively? Later we will find out that the bullet only **creased** your bicep. Good lord, man. I mean, I’m all for realistic heroes who don’t just shrug off sucking chest wounds and all, but SERIOUSLY. BUCK UP.

However, this leads to a long sequence in which we get to ogle Cam shirtless (and possibly naked under the blanket), and darned if he isn’t pretty cute all handcuffed to the bed (thus were a hundred slashfics born). “Wow,” I said, “I didn’t know Ben Browder was that hairy. Was he always that hairy?” (What I meant was: did he shave/wax for FS, but they’re letting him be hairy now?) Telepresence: “I’m not sure, I don’t really remember. (Later, after my_tallest got home, we asked HIM, because we knew HE would remember; and indeed, he was able to tell us about every single instance in which BB had his shirt off in “Farscape”. Apparently it’s tattooed on his frontal lobes or something.)

Cam was very Crichton in that scene, I thought (I mean that in a good way). Maybe it was a combination of the position he was in, and doing the scene with just Claudia. Whichever, it was reasonably cute, although one really has to wonder why Vala went to the trouble of bringing Cam along to the motel with her, instead of just leaving him whinging on the road while she took the car. It didn’t seem as if she was finding out much of use from him. I suppose it all worked out, since they had to have used his credit card to get the room and all – I would have liked to have seen her trying to suavely wrestle a complaining, handcuffed guy into the room, though. (But who knows? Maybe that particular motel was used to that sort of thing.)

(Have just realized: of course! Vala had to take Cam... to drive the car. Because we have no indication that Vala would have learned to drive prior to this. Okay, then.)

Even better was the scene of the rest of SG-1 finally breaking into the room and finding Cam, the rather unconcerned prisoner, armed with the TV remote (thoughtful of Vala) and surrounded by junk-food wrappers. Oh, Cam, honey – it may not be what it looks like, but nonetheless, what it really is doesn’t look GOOD. (He had one hand free the entire time, and he couldn’t get himself free?)

So, fine, pursuit, another warehouse (presumably), a firefight (boy, those Trust guys are on the ball), and a touching moment in which Daniel uses the full force of his intense blue eyes to talk Vala down, and whoopsy-daisy, we’re all done.

And now SG-1 is a five-person team, for real. Which it might as well be, since it was functioning that way lately anyway. Aww. And everybody is all, “Daniel, you DOG” and “he doth protest too much” – although, Landry’s “surprise” is a bit overplayed considering I imagine he had to authorize Daniel taking Vala off-base in the first place.

And Cam suggests going out for ribs – and, DUDE. Ribs, while you’re one-handed? That is a poor tactical decision. And writing-wise, I am quite surprised that they did not do the obvious thing and, you know, have Vala suggest that they all go to Sol’s Diner instead.

Next week: oh! I thought they had killed off that Lucian guy! I’m pretty glad that they didn’t, though. Huh.

SGA 3.08: McKay and Mrs. Miller

Will say up front that we enjoyed the hell out of this episode. The first act was a huge treat – noting all the ways in which it was totally obvious that Jeannie was indeed being played by DH’s sister, and admiring the quality of the writing of their exchanges. In particular, the whole sequence where Rodney visits her house and then gets her up to the Daedalus – we particularly admired that the writing for Rodney was so sharp, by which I mean, that he was such an unremitting JERK with just about every line/exchange he had. Ah, Rodney – don’t ever change. (This will be important later, obviously.)

I think that the most awesome moment was that one where Jeannie turns to him and says, “So basically, I solved your problem in my **spare time**. With **fingerpaints**.” (*finger-wiggle*) That was the moment we were all, OMG WE LOVE HER, CAN WE KEEP HER? (Alas, the answer to that is, no.) (Secondarily, we loved JF’s delivery on, “I was just **saying hello**!”, plus that Rodney made the “Kirk” jab canon.)

And then of course there was Sam’s utter inability to take in the fact that Rodney’s first name turns out to be “Meredith”. **First** name, no less – not middle. (“There’s a bomb launched into the middle of SGA fandom,” Telepresence commented.)

As for the actual plot? Ehn, blah blah technobabble-cakes. They’re going to do something with the something and we’re going to get something GREAT out of it – except you just know it’s too good to be true and it’ll all be going horribly wrong. I was impressed, though, by the fact that Zelenka and his staff managed to whip up that Big Circular Thing in only a few weeks.

So of course, the “astronomical chance” turns out to be “1-in-1”, and we wind up with… “Ace” McKay, or “Rod” as he is apparently known (**gag**), with the Spiky Hair of Cool. (Okay, am trying to be fair about that, but the only “Rod” I can think of is Rod Stewart, and… no, that’s not actually helping that much.)

For a second there, I almost thought they were going to go all the way, and let the other shoe drop to reveal that Rod’s AU’s Sheppard isn’t just a know-it-all, he’s actually the scientist guy, while Rod – who showed up wearing the pleather jacket that our Shep now favors – would turn out to be the soldier or something. But no; oh well. (Doubtless that fanfic has already been written.)

But the thing is – watching DH play Rod was kind of interesting, and yet… despite some of the jokes going on, I really found Rod a much less compelling character than Rodney. Not to mention, I totally made the “creepy” observation fairly early, myself. I believe it was during the golf scene. I half expected Rod to turn out to be a villain of some kind, he was so smooth and “perfect”. (Yet I’m glad he wasn’t, as that would probably have been too neat.)

The biggest problem I had with Rod was the blithe assumption that he was stuck on this side of the… thingie, and there seemed to be a good chance that they’d have to “keep” him, and… um? He’s from a “parallel universe”, which sounds a lot like an “alternate universe” to me, and… years of SG-1 continuity cemented this whole Entropic Cascade Failure thing, which I think Rodney would not have suffered but which would have meant death for Rod. Right?

Yet, everyone was so unconcerned about it – or, to be accurate, it was never even brought up as a problem to **be** concerned about – that I kind of wondered what I was missing in terms of how Rod’s situation was supposed to differ from alt!Sam’s in “Point of View”. Were the writers in fact conceiving of this “parallel universe” thing as being different from what we had seen before? Or maybe it’s the actual means of transport from one parallel/alternate to another? If you don’t use the Quantum Mirror, you avoid ECF somehow? Erg.

I confess freely that I didn’t discover the answer on my own. I happened to read in miera_c’s post that SG-1 itself wanked a way around the ECF problem in “Ripple Effect” – which just goes to show you how good MY memory is for recent canon. (**hangs head in shame**)

LEE: Sixteen different SG-1s, sixteen different points of origin, but only one point of convergence, this universe. Now, given the fact that previous trips through this black hole didn't produce a rupture in the subspace structure…

CARTER: They may not have produced the rupture, but it is entirely possible that their repeated trips contributed to the deterioration of the space-time fabric that weakened, eventually ceded to the singularity, creating the bridge between the various realities.

LEE: (nodding to Carter) And I'm thinking that the proximity of these realities in relation to each other may account for the absence of the, uh, entropic cascade failure. But, that still doesn't help us with the main problem. How do we reverse the process?

CARTER: I don't have the answer to that. Because if I did, we all wouldn't be here.

There – did you blink? Did you miss it? Geez, guys – you know, if you’re going to overturn a huge point of previous continuity that has stood as established fact for your show’s universe for NINE YEARS, you could at least do so a little more noticeably than a throwaway line from a minor character at the start of a very distracting scene. (Because thinking back on it, I know darned well that what was happening while those lines were said was, we were gleefully looking at and identifying all of the multiple Carters in the room, and not listening all that closely.)

ALSO, if you are going to overturn continuity like that – could you come up with a better fanwank for it? Because, “the proximity of these realities in relation to each other”???? **LAME**. Oh, **SO** lame. It doesn’t… it doesn’t even make SENSE. How could any of these AU teams (some of which were kind of wacky) possibly be CLOSER to canon reality than the AU from “Point of View”? I ask you?

For comparison, let’s refer back to “Point of View”:

SAMANTHA: (to Carter) Not medical. Temporal. Entropic cascade failure.

CARTER: On the cellular level?

SAMANTHA: Yes. I thought it would take years, not days.

CARTER: So it's a side effect of travel through the quantum mirror.

KAWALSKY: Then why don't I have it?

CARTER: I'm guessing Dr. Carter has it because I'm here. The increased entropy generated by both of us existing in the same reality might…theoretically be causing a temporal distortion.

SAMANTHA: It's not theoretical anymore.

While at first the wording of this suggests that you could link it to **travel through the quantum mirror**, the explanation then really just says it’s two versions of the same person existing in the same reality that's the problem – which puts paid to the “means of travel” theory. Although honestly, if they had pulled that out of their butts as the explanation in “Ripple Effect” and in this ep, I would have been more willing to forgive it than I am willing to go with the “proximity” explanation.

Not least, because it ought to work in exactly the opposite manner -- **closer** versions ought to increase the danger, since the two versions should be **more** like each other; whereas, the less like each other the two versions were, then the less like “two of the same person existing in the same reality” it ought to be.


The sad part is that “Ripple Effect” would have been improved by being put on the clock like that (“figure out a solution before the 48 hours is up”), and by the pathos of the fact that all the alternates would be toast except for those few, like Janet and Martouf, who were already dead in canon’s reality.

Similarly, that clock and that pathos would have worked well for this SGA ep. It would have given even more weight to Rod’s act of sacrifice, and given a poignancy to his interactions with everyone, and made even more dramatic and generous the outcome of finding a way to get him home. Why did they sacrifice the extra dramatic jolt that the ECF/48-hour window concept once created? Especially since, in neither the SG-1 ep in which they did it, nor in this ep, did they need to. (In neither case did they have a dire need, as far as I could tell, to extend the elapsed time within the ep past 48 hours, for example.)

As well, I think it was a mistake on the show’s part not to MENTION it at all. Though, as far as I can tell, the concept causes the biggest problem for the SGA viewer who is familiar with SG-1 continuity, but nevertheless, not **THAT** familiar with recent continuity. I’m still watching SG-1 moderately closely, after all, yet I completely missed the reference in “Ripple Effect” – so if the writers of this ep were counting on our remembering that as a reason not to be worried about Rod possibly sticking around, well.. no. That doesn’t work. It certainly doesn’t work for SGA viewers who have stopped watching SG-1 altogether. (The only plus side I can think of is, those SGA viewers who have never seen SG-1 at all or who haven’t seen the AU Mirror eps, and so aren’t aware of the ECF concept. Possibly, too, this covers the casual viewer of one or both shows, who doesn’t necessarily remember the point of continuity from SG-1.)

But it’s still sloppy, especially as it could have been covered by a two-line exchange between a couple of characters like Jeannie and Zelenka.

I did like the fact that, in the end, they were willing to entirely drain the ZPM. That was a nice move, to set them back a bit and give them more dramatic possibility in eps to come – while, at the same time, it doesn’t **entirely** strand them. Sure, without it, they can’t dial Earth any more at **ALL**. But they still have the Daedalus, and they are working on that “Gate network” idea, as Rodney commented.

So, Jeannie, and her interactions with her brother, were more of a plus for me in this ep than the “duelling Rodneys” plotline, although even that, I pretty much liked as well. Thumbs-up for the performances.

Galactica 1980

my_tallest’s TiVo happened to have picked up the pilot ep of this show, and I had never seen it before. (I also had never seen the original BSG before about 5 years ago, when we watched it all from a friend of a friend’s tapes prior to the new mini-series coming out. And… wow. But, fun!)

**WOW** WAS THAT **BAD**!!!

In fact, the only proper thing to do would be to quote “Bloom County”:

"Galactica 1980 brought the word 'BAD' to new levels of badness. Bad acting. Bad effects. Bad everything. This film just oozed rottenness from every bad scene... Simply bad beyond all infinite dimensions of possible badness!"

"Well, maybe not that bad, but Lord, it wasn't good."

Bad acting: now, look, I have me some fondness for Kent McCord (and not from what you’re thinking; in truth, when I was very small, I was way into “Adam 12” reruns), and as a poor-man’s Starbuck, Barry Van Dyke could have been… worse, I suppose. He was good-looking in that late-70s way, at least, even if he had almost no pizazz whatsoever, but… oh, man. The bad writing. The bad, bad double-entendre jokes on the “you’re actually from outer space” theme. The bad, condescending “poor, primitive Earth” attitude. The bad "we don't understand your Earth ways" stuff. COUSIN OLIVER!!!! Aaaigh!

Bad effects: baaaaaaaaaaad greenscreens, or bluescreens or whatever the hell they were back at that point. In one sequence with the fleet, you could see the square matte lines where they had spliced in a new shuttle onto stock footage. And that’s the GOOD part, really, because the only good effects they HAD were when they would use stock footage from the original show. There was another bit where you could see the motion rods on some of the Cylon raiders swooping in for the attack. OH! And the way they would pull out of their ASSES stuff that the original show had **never had** (I mean, I know it was supposed to be 20 years after the original show’s time period, but still, man – the gun that FREEZES PEOPLE? Sheesh!)

And then: the flying motorcycles. 'Nuff said.

Bad fashions: well, okay, that’s a given. I mean, it’s 1980, after all, the last gasp of the late 70s in other words, just about to turn into the 80s. (This is the same year that “Xanadu” was made, for example.) Puffy jackets in earth-tones. **Humongous** glasses. Hairstyles, oh, the whole 9 yards. **shudder**

So, okay, I’ve seen it. I have finally managed to put another notch in my Pop Culture belt. I swear to god, if My Tallest’s TiVo picks up any more, I am NOT WATCHING.

Because the original BSG, when viewed today, had a certain gleeful 70s disco cheesiness to it, in addition to the rather blatant Spaaaaaace Mormons! thing that it had going on. I actually watched that and it made me feel rather cheerful. “Galactica 1980” did NOT make me feel cheerful.

Although I do admit, it made me laugh.


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Sep. 10th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)
Doubtless that fanfic has already been written. Yup. seperis has a series of stories about a Rodney from a universe where he was socially adept (if not a soldier) and "his" John was a very cranky and difficult but brilliant scientist (who hated Carter, heh). They're actually quite good.

Good call on the ECF stuff; I totally forgot that bit from Ripple Effect (if I ever noticed it).

I loved Jeannie too. She takes no shit from Rodney, and she's not wigged out by him, the way Carter sometimes is. I didn't like Rod much--they were really playing up the Perfect too much, and also I don't like Golf. *g*
Sep. 13th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)
Put it this way: I don't understand everybody's obsession with golf, particularly guys' obsession. I just don't really get it.

Now, to be fair, I haven't actually played it. Maybe I'd get it, then. Maybe I would love it immeasurably and my life would be changed forever, I dunno.

I *am* inordinately fond of miniature golf, I admit.
(no subject) - cofax7 - Sep. 13th, 2006 12:36 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - eregyrn - Sep. 13th, 2006 12:58 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 10th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
I agreed your wank for Athena was solid, but still, grumble grumble. Athena should be kickass.
Sep. 10th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)
When they gave Vala her badges, I cried.

I am a dork.

But McKay and Mrs. Miller just made me giggle for about an hour... Granted, there was a little misty-eyed thing going on at the end, but I just couldn't take it seriously.
Sep. 13th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)
I don't think they meant us to. :) Too cute.
Sep. 10th, 2006 06:49 am (UTC)
What I meant was: did he shave/wax for FS, but they’re letting him be hairy now?)***

If SG is anything to go by, the story is that MS was made to shave (presumably still is). I guess he's way hairier than JS *shrug*, but with Cam, he's a new character and they can let him go and get handcuffed to beds 'au naturel'.................

Sorry, having a moment there.

I haven't seen the ep, but TA about Athena, she really should kick ass and they could have not seen her before because she's been quietly keeping out of the way, letting the boys blow each other up until such time as she can get in there and take over.

Course, I suppose the Ori have buggered that idea, but I haven't seen most of season 9 let alone season 10, so I know naaaaathing :o)
Sep. 10th, 2006 08:14 am (UTC)
Damn TPTB and their sterotypes! RDA, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and (spectacularly this ep) Ben Browder all show hair, even if it's just shirt cleavage. I suspect that academic-boy Daniel was supposed to look more effete next to military man Jack. *sigh* I hadn't heard that MS shaved, but I suspected it based on looking at his hands. He was shaved for his Outer Limits episode, too. Why, oh why does Hollywood have a hairless fixation? *wails*

Um, not like I'm fixated on this or anything...
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Sep. 10th, 2006 08:03 am (UTC)
I love the movie The Bourne Identity, so I was digging Vala and her scary-kickass-skills-from-nowhere. Both Daniel's and Vala's outfits were fugly. Sal was a sweetheart, and WORD on the yumminess of Det. Ryan! Also, it's nice to see an actor of color cast in a non-alien role -- it seems like it's been way too long. I would have liked to have seen a tag scene in which Vala went back and thanked Sal and Ryan -- a team dinner at Sol's would have been fab.

I'm crushed that they're using Athena as a goa'uld! There were way more capricious, goa'uld-y Greek gods. I suppose you could wank that she was too politically astute to set herself up as a major system lord (read: target), but has behind-the-scenes power -- that could fit. But I doubt they're going to be that invested in developing a background for her. I think the writers just went, "Female, war...um...Athena." (I am completely bummed because I have a fic in progress with people taken off Earth by Athena, who was decidedly not a goa'uld; she was some benevolent alien. Grrr.)

Cam was such a zoomie on the motorcycle! (BTW, all the Western states call major highways freeways.) And Vala was ready to take the car without Cam. She specifically said she was taking him for information. I think she just underestimated how skeptical she would be. (It was a pretty "out there" story. OTOH, she had been having those sci-fi movie flashbacks...)

Cam cuffed and pantsless... what more do you need to know to enjoy this episode? I want Sam to tease the shit out of him forever about that!

My crush on both Hewlett siblings and both McKay siblings is unbounded!!!!! So much squee for the siblingness and the cuteness and the smartness and the snarkness... For me, an ep with two Rodneys, Jeannie, Radek and a scene in which Rodney hangs out in John's quarters to get advice on his feelings (aha ha ha ha ha ha! 'scuse me while I bust a gut!) -- that is just episode nirvana for me! And Rodney dealing with his niece and brother-in-law? Teh cute! Rodney + kids = comedy gold. "I didn't know that was a rule." Hee! (But I totally wanted Sam to find out he hadn't gotten Jeannie's signature on a nondisclosure agreement before beaming up, and to whack him on the arm with a clipboard.)

“Ace” McKay, or “Rod” as he is apparently known (**gag**), with the Spiky Hair of Cool. (Okay, am trying to be fair about that, but the only “Rod” I can think of is Rod Stewart, and… no, that’s not actually helping that much.)

Hee!!! I was waiting for Rodney to snark about Rod and John sharing hair styling tips. ;-) I was a little surprised John liked Rod, since Rod was the bearer of the embarrassing news that John2 is a Mensa geek. Maybe that's when he started to get creeped...

A few niggles: Didn't they establish that Rodney's name is Rodney Ingram McKay? Meredith, WTF? And, once again, I thought that the writers went a little too far in having Rodney's friends being cruel -- bedwetting and underpants on head? I don't normally think of myself as having a public humiliation squick, but...

And thanks for the ECF note. I COMPLETELY MISSED that in Ripple Effect, and thought they just threw it out the window. Unfortunately, they did need to do it for the plot -- the evil!SG1 was stealing the ship to go to Atlantis, and it would take 3 weeks or so. However they should have gone with "mirror side effect," because I totally agree -- nearer universes would make the effect worse. (You know, like if TV physics were real.)

Along those lines, the whole "the chances we'll hit a universe with life are astronomical" seemed really chancy right off the bat (it seems astronomically unlikely that an entire universe will not develop life somewhere). And then they hit one that is so very close? Like probably their bridging structure would go to the nearest branched-off reality? Again, the Atlantis crowd is very, very iffy with their ethics.

Back to the good stuff -- yay they saved the other universe and Rod! But I would hate living on Atlantis with no ZPM... What if the Wraith come?! *bites nails*
Sep. 10th, 2006 08:05 am (UTC)
Oh, and meant to say:

(Doubtless that fanfic has already been written.)

of course
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Sep. 10th, 2006 12:36 pm (UTC)
vala did indeed kick ass. and good point about daniel's apparent social skills in certain settings.

i had a similar "huh?" response to athena. i kept waiting for the other information to be discussed and layered into the episode. and i'm guessing she's really pissed about what happened to *her* temple.

the detective was great, and sol reminded me of someone....not sure whom.

as for cameron handcuffed to the bed...er, that may even be 1000 fanfics. ;)

as for sga, yup, want to keep jeannie too. the fingerpaint comment was perfectly done.

what you've said about people bein unconcerned about rod being stuck there is a very good point. as much as i enjoyed the episode, i wanted them to have more time to examine the impact of someone being utterly dislocated from their own universe.

bwahahahaha! for some strange karmic reason every time i'm home sick, scifi channel has a marathon of the 1980 bsg series. it's so bad it's terrifying. i'd rather be at work. doing overtime. in my pjs.

ps. and there's an episode of bsg where there's a western town on a planet with a cylon in cylon armor on a horse also with cylon armor. meep.
Sep. 13th, 2006 01:12 am (UTC)
Ohhhhhh yes -- I totally remember that BSG ep. Though I'm not sure it's worse than the one with the planet with the blond people in the doofy winged helmets and the "unicorns" with the floppy horns...

(The detective reminded me of somebody too... looking him up... well, he was in the SG ep "Nightwalkers", but not in a memorable part, just as a Spec. Ops Sergeant, so I doubt that's it... and I haven't really seen anything else he's been in. Oh well.)
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Sep. 10th, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC)
Being who I am (a strong J/D person), I feel unthreatened by the idea of Daniel taking Vala out to a swank restaurant. I can sit back and say generously, “… and the Daniel/Vala shippers go wild!”

The scene didn't bother me as much as I thought it would but I'm still wary about it. See I'm not really into onscreen romances in the shows I watch but especially not in this one because I feel that Stargate already has such a strong basis in the team/friendship/family angle that I don't really see the need for the romantic angle. (I think the only onscreen romantic relationship I really liked was Daniel/Sha're.) If this is going to be the end of the show, I'd rather see more interaction among the team instead of having them play the "are they/aren't they" relationship game again.

I also miss Daniel interacting more with the others especially Sam and Teal'c (and Jack but given that he's not on the show, he doesn't count in the same way). It seems like he's so often with Vala that it's pulled him away from the others more. Another thing is, I don't mind Vala being flirty with the guys because that is a part of who she is but she's shown that she can have that side of her without it having to be a "romantic" or "shippy" thing (like when she does it towards Mitchell or Teal'c).

I am fine with her having a bigger connection to Daniel than to the others. It makes sense since he met her first and seemed to include/accept her first. But I just don't see why that can't just stay with them being friends without the hinting towards something more.

Also I've seen people say that Vala brings out a new side to Daniel that no one else has and maybe I'm just blind but I don't see this new side that they're talking about.

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble.
Sep. 13th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
Also I've seen people say that Vala brings out a new side to Daniel that no one else has and maybe I'm just blind but I don't see this new side that they're talking about.

Yeah, you know, I'm not sure that I really see that, either. But I'm not invested in trying to see it, so...

Overall, I agree with you. What I mean, I guess, is that what I see on the screen is *even vaguer* than the Sam/Jack stuff they have been doing for *years*, and in my book, "even vaguer" is a really good thing. I can look at certain things and know that for people who do enjoy seeing the 'ship, they're going to take that thing and run with it -- and I feel okay about them having fun with it. But for me, it was low-profile enough that I don't feel that I am forced to acknowledge it to the same degree, I'm not forced to read it as incontrovertible fact. And I'm happy with that.

I also agree with you that I don't like the results of the way they've paired Daniel up *too* much with Vala to the exclusion of Daniel's relationship with the others. But then overall, I think that S9/S10 has done a somewhat poor job of maintaining the level of connection between Sam-Teal'c-Daniel, seeming to expect us to take that connection as-read. And yes, of course, I do fill in that it is there -- but that doesn't mean I don't still want to see more of those moments.

I'm just crossing all of my fingers that we get through S10 without them doing much more than they have done, with Daniel and Vala. They've *got* their connection now, fine, thanks -- don't belabor it, please. (I think that MS has gone on record as not wanting it to be a romance, hasn't he?) And then all we'll have to be concerned about is whatever comes next, be it movie or mini-series -- since I don't see any way for them to wrap up their BIG plotlines in the 2 final eps they still have to work with.

(Don't worry, this is definitely an LJ that is friendly to long rambles. ;-)
Sep. 12th, 2006 08:26 am (UTC)
“Wow,” I said, “I didn’t know Ben Browder was that hairy. Was he always that hairy?”


We know this from:

a) Visual confirmation in FS;

b) One of BB's more memorable stream-of-consciousness interview rambles, which got onto the subject of body waxing and why He Would Never; and

c) The taunting from CB in an online chat, which involved the phrase "Bondi Yeti" (and which led to a line of fan-designed T-shirts, one of which BB has been known to wear, IIRC).

Sep. 13th, 2006 12:37 am (UTC)
Bondi Yeti! Heee!

God, that was priceless. They're so damned funny together, and if TPTB know what's good for them, they'll have BB and CB do commentary on some of the S10 eps.
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Sep. 14th, 2006 07:34 pm (UTC)
Love your notes on this ep, and now that I've read them I think I finally get the picture about Daniel's choice of dress for the restaurant. I'm so fashion-retarded. It's like trying to understand an alien culture, jeeze. *g*

Telepresence was also incensed by their description of Athena as a “minor player”. I do agree with him that if you’re going to do Athena, she really ought to kick ass. -- Such a good point! I couldn't figure out what was bugging me about that choice of god, except that I thought Athena felt too familiar, to the point where it was cartoon-like or something. But everything you say about the problems with that choice are so true.

About the team's reactions to the 'date' thing, I took the 'he doth protest too much' and the 'Daniel you DOG' to be the team pretending to disbelieve Daniel purely to bust his chops. Was that how you were seeing it too? I know I'm exactly the same way as you are about being appreciative of the vaguest possible subtlety, but also rooting for the D/V shippers to get a sustaining hit of goodness -- everything left open to viewer interpretation.

I saw Landry as being all raised-eyebrows not that Daniel took Vala off the base, since as you say he'd have had to grant a pass, but to hear the event characterized as a date. From the rest of the team, what I totally saw was nothing more than 'Ooooh-kaaaaay, not touching that with a ten-foot staff weapon' and 'Yeah, uh-huh, sure Daniel, whatever you say' -- the way you'd respond to a friend desperately denying something you know isn't really true but you can't resist ragging him about. They may have embraced Vala as a member of the team, but they're still perfectly aware that she makes outrageous claims, and mischaracterizes things because she's not from around here. If they thought it really was a date, I don't see it playing for humor at all. That would be a pretty serious issue and not to be taken lightly. I also can't see Vala claiming 'romantic dinner!' right after she's finally been made one of the team -- she's too smart to jeopardize her new spot like that. She'd have to have said 'date' in jest, and Landry and the team would have to have taken it that way (but been unable to resist giving Daniel a hard time). I think there may even have been a flicker of stern 'Now, you are going to tell me that wasn't really a date, aren't you, son' in Landry's expression, but I'd have to go look at it again and see if I'm retro-imposing that.
Sep. 21st, 2006 03:03 pm (UTC)
I couldn't figure out what was bugging me about that choice of god, except that I thought Athena felt too familiar, to the point where it was cartoon-like or something.

Yeah, over the course of the show, their choice of gods has been... "interesting". They have generally walked a fine line trying not to step on too many contemporary toes -- Egyptian mythology is so passe that nobody cares if you suggest that all of them were basically evil. Nirrti is not a *popular* member of the Hindu pantheon, contemporarily -- although I'm *very* surprised that they even suggested that Kali is a goa'uld, even in a minor way. But it has certainly been noted that when it comes to the major players in living religions, the show has avoided commentary on them with a 10-foot pole. (However much it would make sense to suggest that Jesus was a Tok'ra... um, no, they're not going to do that.)

When they've dipped into familiar Western pantheons aside from Egypt, though, they have tended to go obscure. Their previous foray into Greek myth was Cronus, but the Titans are not as well-known or personalized to people as the Olympians are. For the Romans, they dug and dug until they found Egeria, of whom almost nobody would ever have heard. And so on.

So Athena is really the first time they've picked a big, marquee-god, I think. And I feel like that was a mistake.

the team pretending to disbelieve Daniel purely to bust his chops. Was that how you were seeing it too?

Yeah, pretty much. That's how I'm going with it. In part, because that's how I see Daniel and Vala's relationship on the show -- they have one, but it's non-romantic. But I think it's a good compromise, because those who want to see romance there can interpret it one way, while if you don't, it's easy to interpret it another way.

f they thought it really was a date, I don't see it playing for humor at all. That would be a pretty serious issue and not to be taken lightly.

That's a good point, too. I think that if Sam and Teal'c especially believed that Daniel might in fact be falling in love, they would react differently to it. Because all joking aside (and sure, people who love each other still tease each other over such things, but it usually has a different tone to it), Sam and Teal'c know Daniel's awful history.

At the very least, I think that if they thought of it as a serious possibility, we would get a mix of loving teasing *and* a more serious, respectful acknowledgement of it. (Of course, if you're a Daniel/Vala shipper, what you do is write the latter as missing scenes that we just didn't see on the show, and voila, there you are.)

But, like -- IIRC, there was a little loving teasing about Sam's thing with Pete... but there were also some serious supportive-friend-type acknowledgements of it. (Mostly in scenes between her and Jack, as I recall, which is problematic in other ways, but still.)
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