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Isn't it always the way...

Tonight, I get to go out for dinner, on the department's dime, to Dali's Restaurant & Tapas Bar, where I will drink a lot of sangria, and eat many fine things, including, possibly, baby eels (if I can convince them that it's worth blowing the money on them; and if they are in season, of course).


This wonderful event may make me miss the airing of the series finale of Angel.

Not a total loss, because I've set it to tape, so I won't entirely miss it; but still, I will be moderately disappointed if I get home too late to share the experience with, say, raqs. And yet, I shall be full of sangria, so it all evens out.

Cool thing: Fantagraphics Books has started publishing The Complete Peanuts, which will (eventually) be 25 volumes covering every strip in the 50 years of the comic's history. They've just come out with the first two volumes, 1950 - 1954, and I'm quite excited about it.

Maybe you had to have a father who was nearly a professional cartoonist and who was born in the 30s, so that his adult professional career took place in the shadow of Schulz's rise. My formative years were big on the appreciation of the history of cartooning and comic strips, and while I had all of the usual children's books, I honestly did learn to read from collections of things like early Peanuts paperbacks, Doonesbury, and New Yorker cartoon collections.

I have longed for years for someone to republish the early Peanuts strips, because good luck trying to assemble a complete collection of those cheap old paperbacks that I grew up on (and anyway, those were never complete compilations). The evolution of the strip and its characters is fascinating, and I have a real fondness for the early stuff, which was quite different from the minimalism that came later -- it's more biting, sarcastic and sardonic; more literary and adult, and denser in its dialogue. (One has only to remember "A Charlie Brown Christmas", with its often-dense monologues, theological discussions and Biblical quotes, and then to realize that much of that show was assembled from material previously found in various strips, to get a sense of that.)

I'm really looking forward to the chance to have them collected in one place.


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May. 28th, 2004 05:24 pm (UTC)
I have so many of those Peanut's paperbacks at home, that were my Dad's onceuponatime. And B.C., and The Kingdom of Id, and Playboy cartoons, for some reason. So when I read this post I actually SQUEEED in excitement!

Do you mind if I add you to my friend's list? (Found you through troyswann)
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