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Yeah, right.

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

Washington DC
You're rotten to the core. You're deeply agressive; street-level violence and big-time politics.

Heh. I believe I know why I got this result -- it's because they inconsiderately failed to actually list my current favorite sport ("ice hockey"), and in grumpy retaliation, I chose "Go on a killing spree and/or drive by shooting" -- because in all honesty, that is in fact the best description available of my favorite sporting activity in which I actually participate, rapier fencing (nothing finer than a good killing spree with a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other!). And for this, all my classy answers to other questions can go right down the drain.

Of course, if they had actually had ice hockey as an option, I guess they felt it would have been difficult to identify this with an American city (hint, bozos: Detroit?).

Also, I wish to note about the MOOD METER: you can choose as a mood "exanimate", and god alone knows what the hell that means, but, in their plethora of moody adjectives, they do not offer "bemused" or "contrary". Alas.