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Look, just TAKE the Illyria deal!

Thank you so much, Anonymous Person, for the little sapling! It is slightly ironic, only because I have never been known for having any sort of green thumb (the opposite, in fact) -- but I heartily approve of the purpose of it! What a nice idea on LJ's part, and on the part of the gift-giver.

(Actually, my lack of luck with most plants notwithstanding, I would like to report to all and sundry that on the Thursday before New Years, I bought a bonsai. I don't know what I was thinking, because of course, there's plants, and then there's bonsai, which are like plants except with a much higher level of difficulty and potential Fail. Yet? It is April 10th, and by golly, that bonsai is STILL ALIVE! Go me. It is a ficus bonsai; maybe that explains its hardiness. I was convinced that, what with the change in environment and the crappy light levels in my house, plus the cats trying to chew it, that it would soon drop all of its leaves in a big *FWUMP*, but -- not so. It has shed very few leaves and put out many more little green shoots. Yay!)


So, in the past few weeks, I have been noticing industrious scratching noises in my ceilings. Now, anyone familiar with my apartment, or probably who has heard me talk about my apartment, probably won't be terribly surprised by this. My building is a sieve.

The best illustration of this, actually, is -- it's a 19th century building, but at some point early in the 20th century, some new owner decided to cover it in absolutely hideous asbestos shingles. Before doing so, they decided that the brilliant way to insulate it would be to drill 2" diameter holes in the original clapboard, and blow insulation into the gaps between the wall studs, thus increasing the building's Fire Hazard rating by a jillion percent. (I don't know what that stuff is made out of, but it seems like fluffy paper bits.)

Then the current landlords bought the place, and Fred decided he wanted to RESTORE it. So he tore all the horrible asbestos tile off my side of the building (before I moved in), exposing the original clapboard, which has all of these 2" diameter holes drilled in it, fully intending to put new clapboard over it. And in fact, there are some parts of the building that do have the new clapboard on it, and it looks nice. But not my side of the building.

Result? ALL THE HOUSE SPARROWS IN THE WORLD have come and, true to their name, have used that entire side of the building as a gigantic Sparrow Condo. It's ideal. The holes are just the right size for them, but too small for other birds or squirrels. The interior is filled with fluffy nesting goodness, and is doubtless warmed by the inside's heat in winter. (The morning sun also hits that wall.)

This has two main ramifications. 1. It provides my cats with constantly fascinating Cat TV at the windows along that side of the house. 2. When you are sitting in my living room, or lying in my bed, and it's quiet, you can quite often hear the sparrows fluttering inside the walls. Fortunately you can't really hear the chirping, and the fluttering isn't that omnipresent or disturbing.

What I am saying is -- the sound of animals living in my walls is not really anything new.

But... yeah, scratching in the ceilings. That IS a new wrinkle. I figure, squirrels.

The scratching mostly happens in the ceilings over my mudroom and my bathroom, which makes a bit of sense, too, because what's above them is actually just an upstairs deck. It surprises me that it has taken this long (I've been there for 3.5 years) for animals to move in below that deck, actually. Or maybe they were there all along and I'm only just starting to hear them. Whatever.

Last night, I happen to get home after dark. Now, the other thing you need to know is, my main entrance is from the back, through the mudroom, and is off a tiny porch that's a few steps up, and the porch has a little peaked roof over it, just below the level of the deck above. Last night, I come walking up to my back door... and surprise a raccoon that is hanging upside down from the roof of the little porch.

The raccoon -- which is GINORMOUS -- scrambles up onto the roof and then up onto the edge of the deck, where, watching me the whole time, it proceeds to go about its little raccoon business, which seems to be pulling up the rubber deck-sheeting with its freaky little raccoon hands, looking for I don't know what (bugs to eat, I guess). So I stand there watching for a while, and it keeps going, glancing over at me. Eventually it decides to just sit down and have a bit of a bath. I cannot emphasize enough what an unconcerned raccoon this was.

So I pulled out my cellphone and called Fred, and said, "Hey, so, I had these scratching sounds in my ceiling? And now I'm standing here watching this raccoon..."

After the phone call with the landlord (who promised to come block up the holes the raccoon has been living in -- and I will believe that when I see it), I called raqs, because I really had to share it with somebody. At which point the raccoon waddled over and went into its cubby-hole below the deck, and then peeked out to watch me some more.

I feel badly that this will most likely result in an ex-raccoon, and it's a shame, because there is an entire garage that it could have decided to live in (the side window is broken) and it probably would not have been found or evicted for a really long time, but... well, I can see how the den below the deck would seem really alluring, what with the apt's heat coming up into it and all.

We'll see, I guess. Because Fred *means* well, he does, but -- as evidenced by the above sparrow story -- he has a tendency to get midway through projects and then not finish them. And since I moved in, he and his wife (co-owners of all their properties) have separated and are now divorcing, and my building seems to be one of the properties *she* got. For a while now, Fred's been supposed to still be doing the maintenance, but... well, I think you can kind of tell that he's even more absent-minded about it. It's not his focus. (Yet, it's not like, before that, he was super on the ball, either, so...)

This reminds me that I need to tell Marianne about it (that's his ex, to whom I pay the rent). Because... we need new trash-cans. And I think this means the other tenants need to be warned not to put trash out unless they secure it with lids. Which they aren't good at, usually, but, *dude*. Forget the squirrels and the birds, a raccoon is really gonna do a number on the trash if they aren't careful. *sigh*


Last Friday, thanks to that_cad, I got to start watching the first season of "Rome".

Verdict: it's really, really good. REALLY good. You can see all that money just dripping off the screen. (HBO: "What? You mean these budgets figures AREN'T in lira? My god...") It's loads of fun... in an incredibly violent and not-shying-away-from-disturbing-stuff way. (I think I feel about the violence in it much the way I feel about the unpleasant parts of "Deadwood" -- it just rolls right off me, and kind of makes me laugh.) And of course, there's the equal-opportunity male and female full frontal nudity -- no bad there!

Vorenus and Pullo are, indeed, the most hilarious team comedy act I've seen in a long time, and we all agreed that they should take that vaudeville on the road. Which, I am given to understand, they will be doing, soon. ("The Road to Egypt! starring Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo... !") It is particularly amusing that even Caesar can recognize that Pullo has the Power of the Plot behind him -- always useful!

It really is kind of strange to be watching something where (not being an idiot, and knowing history) I know broadly what's going to happen, so there's this sense of inevitability to everything... but you still feel like you wish there was some way it could not all unfold the way you know it unfolds. The subject line of this post refers to the deal that Caesar initially offered to Pompey and the rest of the senate, through Mark Antony -- just give him the governorship of the province of Illyria, or something, that's all he wanted. Geez, in retrospect, how great does *that* deal look, compared to what actually happened?

It's fun to watch a treatment of history that actually manages to get you caught up enough in the story that what is to happen, what does happen, doesn't, at least for a while, seem so inevitable. That makes you recognize a moment in which things could have gone in a different direction entirely, if only some people hadn't been idiots. That's the most important thing to learn about history, I think. Not just to learn from the mistakes of history ("never start a land-war in Asia"), but, to study enough history to learn to recognize the moment BEFORE the disastrous decision is made.

The only thing that the series is kind of failing to do is really make me understand and *get* the point of view of Pompey, the senate, and so on -- the ones who didn't think a compromise with Caesar was possible, the ones who thought that he was a threat to the republic even before (it seems to me) he actually *became* one. That's kind of a form of inevitability, too -- at some point Caesar becomes a tyrant. But when exactly *is* that point? Up until what point was he actually still kind of... reasonable? Understandable? Would he always have become a tyrant, no matter how his opponents reacted to him? Or was his tyranny a two-way street -- would we not have ended up with it playing out that way, if the other side had done things differently?

I have always kind of been more on the side of Caesar than not. I don't know whether that's just because I've read enough radical interpretations of his motives, or, whether that just makes me naive.

It seems to me that "Rome" tries to be even-handed in its viewpoint. It strikes me as the kind of show that sort of has sympathy for all of its characters, and none of them. (With the exception of a few, obviously.) Of the major players, I kind of get the feeling that it doesn't mean to present *either* Caesar, or Pompey, or Cato, or Cicero, as simple villains. They have their viewpoints, and of course, their good and bad sides, their good and really, really bad decisions.

And I get this feeling that we're supposed to be able to see both sides. Pullo's side (he's behind Caesar), and Vorenus's (he's not, because the stability of the republic is sacred to him). I also get the feeling that... hmm... well, that the show might be trying to say that Pullo's viewpoint is a little too simplistic or naive. But my problem is... I don't *quite* get Vorenus's viewpoint yet.

I understand the significance of Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon and taking of Rome, I do. It's a huge moment of crisis for the republic, obviously. But I guess I still don't quite get why it's that moment when Vorenus decides he has to walk away -- why he's chosen that moment, in other words, to say that Caesar has become irredeemable? Hmm.

Maybe I'll figure out some of it as the season progresses to its inevitable conclusion. But I can't shake the feeling that, in these 4 eps I've seen, I've failed to recognize a turning point when it was reached. What lesson of history, in other words, am I failing to learn?


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Apr. 10th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, god! Flashbacks! I had a raccoon living in my ceiling when I lived in San Francisco. *shudder* We called Animal Control and found out there was one pest control guy in all the Bay Area who dealt with raccoons. He sealed off all other access and put out a cage with food in it. He trapped a litter of yearlings, one by one. EVENTUALLY he got the momma. Later we heard noises in the wall, and it turns out she'd had a new litter, too, which is why it took so long to get her out. He relocated them all to some wild place.

You may have to call a pro in to do the same, and have the owners pay for it, or have it taken off your rent. See what Animal Control in your area says.
Apr. 10th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have a deeply unsettled feeling that it may be a she, and she may be preparing a den for babies in there... 'Tis the season, and all.

As I understand it, capturing animals like this and just settling them free elsewhere can be a problem. Even if you take them to a wild place, and they can't find their way back -- you can wind up doing them harm by plunking them down in the middle of a territory that another animal already occupies.

We'll see what Fred winds up doing... I may well be speaking to animal control myself...
Apr. 10th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
Other than the birdiness, are the outside holes a problem? Just curious. I hope the racoon escapes and is just sealed out of the porch area.
Apr. 10th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC)
The outside holes aren't really a problem that I've noticed. An important piece of information here is: heat is included in my rent. So all of these things that make it likely that the place is losing heat like crazy? (The windows could all use serious updating, too.) *shrug* Doesn't matter to *me*. And I feel, if the heat bill was such that they mattered to the landlord... then it's the landlord's own damned problem.

I don't actually park on that side of the building, but I haven't noticed the cars that do park there being *especially* bird-poopy, which you might otherwise expect.

Maybe Marianne will address some of these things when the divorce is final and she is undisputably the owner of the property. (I am praying my rent doesn't take a sharp spike upwards at that time.)

Anyway -- there's no smell. The incidence of bugs inside the house doesn't seem to be significantly higher than you'd expect of a very old house. (Some carpenter ants, in season. The odd thousand-legger. Once, a smallish centipede. Spiders. And last year, actually, a succession of carpenter bees, which scared the HELL out of me. I would give the building extremely good odds of having termites, too, but...)

I would hope that the raccoon escaped, too, although I have a feeling that it might prove disconcertingly persistent. I mean, I'm *really* kind of concerned about the trash situation, since none of the other tenants are paragons of neat trash disposal anyway.
Apr. 10th, 2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering if the birds are helping keep down the bug population.

And there are usually laws limiting how much rent can be increased year over year.
Apr. 10th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
True! I hadn't thought about the fact that the sparrows might be dining on bugs in the walls! Neat!

*whispers very softly* You see, the thing is, despite the fact that heat *is* included, my landlords haven't raised my rent at all since I moved in. I probably haven't a leg to stand on, whining-wise, then. I just don't want them to raise it. I feel that it is at a sort of equilibrium, given that this is not the *greatest* place in the world; it's just that it has sufficient plusses in my book that I'm willing to put up with it, and one of those plusses is the unchanging rent (and another is the heat included). I am now the tenant who's been here the longest by at least 2 years, I think, too. All the other apts have changed multiple times.

So the trade-off of the cheap rent is that they don't do a lot of maintenance (though they'll fix egregious things, of course), and it's got, you know, sparrows in the walls and my upstairs neighbor is apparently a raccoon, and so on.

I'm just worried that once Marianne takes full possession, she *will* increase the rent, because she'll look up and realize that she hasn't prior to this, or something.
Apr. 11th, 2007 02:08 am (UTC)
While that is a possible scenario, She's still only allowed to increase it a certain amount in a given year.
Apr. 10th, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
Rome! :D
Apr. 10th, 2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
Apr. 10th, 2007 05:28 pm (UTC)

And I like the guy they've got playing Brutus, too. Interesting take on him. (I like all of the casting, really. Superb job there, as elsewhere.)
Apr. 11th, 2007 08:04 am (UTC)

Apr. 10th, 2007 05:27 pm (UTC)
Indeed. :)
Apr. 10th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
Hey, I got one of those trees too! Aren't they cute? I don't know what they mean and these LJ-gifts seem really random, but i like them. It makes me want to plant an actual tree, but I'm guessing the gale-force winds around here would rip it right out of the ground and blow it away.
Apr. 10th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
I looked it up, and apparently, the little trees are some kind of Plant A Tree promotion (maybe Earth Day-related?), and all the net proceeds from sales of the little tree gifts will go to the Heifer Project. (Unlike the other gifts, which I think just go to LJ; not that I object to that, heck, LJ is entitled to make a buck.)
Apr. 10th, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
oh my god, the upside down raccoon was clearly in the same astronut class as indigo. still...yikes. what an adventure, birds and all.

and what you said about taking the illyria deal has been causing me to laugh like a fiend. it's just perfect. and i quite agree about the wish to somehow have history come out just that little bit different this time.

i'm so happy you're watching, can't wait for your further thoughts. *hugs*
Apr. 10th, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
Hey, man! Don't spoil it for me! Right now, I'm figuring -- Caesar wins, and everybody lives happily ever after! Right? RIGHT?

Apr. 11th, 2007 12:08 am (UTC)
bwahaha! :::nods::: yup, and antony really does take the illyrian deal.
Apr. 10th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
2. When you are sitting in my living room, or lying in my bed, and it's quiet, you can quite often hear the sparrows fluttering inside the walls. Fortunately you can't really hear the chirping, and the fluttering isn't that omnipresent or disturbing.

Count your blessings! It could have been bats! With their... guano.
Apr. 10th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
True! Not that I would mind bats, as such, but I bet you're right, that guano would be stinkier. (I do kind of assume that the interior of these walls is now a giant mass of the old insulation, feathers, down, other nesting materials, and bird poop. But hey, so long as I don't have to smell it...)

I don't think bats would flutter, either. And the fluttering is kind of gentle-sounding and nice.

(Whereas, the raccoon sounds like he's trying to dig *through* my ceiling.)
Apr. 13th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
Bats do flutter. They also scrabble.

On the other hand, watching them all fly out at dusk is cool.
Apr. 11th, 2007 05:28 am (UTC)

I loved the first season a bit more than the second, but the second is chock-full of good stuff, too.

I know what you mean about Caesar, but when I mulled it over, I decided that maybe that was the point. When history is happening around you, you don't necessarily see the turning point, don't recognize the moment when Caesar becomes a tyrant. Pullo and Vorenus as our guiding characters would be in the middle of everything, with their own views which we haven't seen develop during time. (Vorenus being the unflinching Republic man reminds me of, well, some unflinching Republicans (or Democrats) I know who can't really articulate to me *why* they are so convinced their party is the only right answer). I mean, I can see it as a flaw in the series, something they just didn't want to devote script time to, but it didn't bother me because it made me feel all the more like I was right there with them, and just as confused as everyone else about what was happening.
May. 3rd, 2007 01:11 am (UTC)
I know that my perspective on watching it will be different because -- although I refrained from peeking at all the reactions to the last ep -- I do know that it's a finite experience.

I think you're right about them wanting to convey that if you were living in that moment, your perspective on events would be different; it wouldn't be as easy to look at it all in a dispassionate way.

telepresence also pointed out that really, the series is compressing a lot, and dropping you in the middle of the situation without necessarily a lot of background that everyone involved would have experienced/known (like Caesar's and Pompey's complex and tangled history, including their relationships to Sulla, etc.
Jun. 13th, 2007 06:13 pm (UTC)
*waves* Hey there!

(germaine to what you were originally replying to -- I've now seen through the end of Rome's S1, and I need to sit down and write up some thoughts on it. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think seeing it through to Caesar's end makes me think about that arc differently than I was thinking in this post I made after I'd only seen 4 eps, of course. *When* is S2 coming out?!?!)

But actually, I'm selecting a convenient comment to reply to, to ask you -- do you still have up anywhere that old recs page you used to keep for fics related to SG-1's Absolute Power?

I'm sure I've asked you that before, actually; but my sieve-like brain hasn't stored the answer. Someone on my flist spoke up recently looking for AP recs, and I was thinking of the page you used to keep as a good start... but didn't see a handy link to it anywhere from what I think is your main page now.
Jun. 13th, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
AP recs page
When I migrated my pages/stories, I didn't migrate the recs, because I was falling wayyy behind (and have continued to do so, by not really reading much LJ-fic at all).

However! The Wayback Machine is your friend:

So, if there's anything your friend hasn't read yet among these old recs, voilà!
Jun. 13th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
Re: AP recs page
Awesome! Thanks! (I had thought about the Wayback Machine, and then started wondering if I had your old URL marked down anywhere, or whether I'd lost it when I replaced bookmarks to it with bookmarks to your "new" Trickster page.)

I like following "fandom" via LJ in some ways, a lot. (Although it really is "fandom" in quotation marks, since it's so unfocused.) In other ways, even though I make some effort, I find it scattered. I rely an awful lot on other people on my flist to point to things I might miss otherwise. SG-1 fandom has actually gotten a nice influx of new folks in the last year or two (even new folks who are primarily interested in writing old-school J/D, for instance) -- but I noticed somewhat recently that they don't all tend to put their fics at the archives that were more or less "standard" 4 years ago. So that makes it even harder. I get a real sense of, "well, these interesting things could be happening *over there*, but I could be totally missing it". (Then again, there are days when I feel like I can't keep up with the flist I *have*, and the thought of continuing to add new people is daunting.)

It'll be interesting to see if folks comment on it -- but I'd be willing to bet that to a small extent, there *will* be stories you'd noted on that page that *don't* really "make the rounds" of what folks find most easily nowadays. So even if it's not updated past a certain point, it's a valuable "snapshot". Some of the "most recced" SG-1 (J/D) stories from, say, 4 or 6 years ago continue to be recced -- but just as often I run into newer folks on LJ who don't know about some of the off-LJ places to start looking (or get daunted by the size of archives -- I know when I started in the fandom, I at least *looked* at the listings of everything on Area52 at that time, although I didn't read all of it; now that there's over 8000 stories there, I don't know that I would be that dedicated if I just came into the fandom today!).

Then again, LJ is sometimes ABSOLUTELY MADDENING. I mean, if you're trying to rely on it for fannish interaction. It goes through these hiccuping periods of delaying sending out comment notifications, or seemingly just missing sending out some -- which is a real detriment to communication.

For example -- over the weekend, somebody left a new comment on my (AP-related) J/D-ficathon story from *last* summer. (I guess because the recent sign-ups for this year's ficathon made some folks go back and look at past ones.) And when I went to reply to that... I found SIX OTHER comments, some dating back to last year, that I swear to god I never got notifications for! AAAUUUGH! (One's from you, in fact! And thank you! I will be replying to it shortly. *headdesk*)

That's a bit insane-making. But I guess it's not as if mailing lists don't have their own occasional hiccups. *shrug*
Jun. 13th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
Re: AP recs page
Funnily enough, when I saw that you'd written an AP story, my first reaction was I must add it to the recs page. Then: D'oh, I don't have a recs page. *g* I love the story, though!

I was never really able to bring my SG fannishness to LJ, but it's more down to my issues than to LJ per se. The SG people I knew who had LJs were, by and large, intensely critical and negative about the final 4 seasons. (Your posts were the most level ones, and I was glad when you'd post about SG.) I embraced the changes and continued to enjoy the show. (Not that I wasn't missing Jack, but me missing him wasn't going to change the show.)

Anyway, I found that I just couldn't read the LJs of most of the SG people I'd known from mailing lists, so that effectively cut me off from the LJ side of the fandom. I didn't know about SG story communities or ficathons or anything until last year. (Yes, bizarrely, I'd never thought to search for them...) And once thevetia stopped reading SG, my steady supply of reliable recs dried up.

It'd be great if someone wanted to take the links of the AP stories I recced and start a new AP recs page. I wish I could, since I still love AP stories, but I know there's no way I can keep up, or recover lost fannish ground.
Jun. 22nd, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
Re: AP recs page
Funnily enough, when I saw that you'd written an AP story, my first reaction was I must add it to the recs page. Then: D'oh, I don't have a recs page. *g* I love the story, though!

Thanks! That means a lot. :) It was a challenge to write and scary to post, since it was the first actual story I'd done for the fandom... let alone an explicit slash story. (I'm signed up again for the j/d ficathon, and am in the stage of trying to figure out what I'm going to write for the fairly-vague prompt that I got.)

Anyway, I found that I just couldn't read the LJs of most of the SG people I'd known from mailing lists, so that effectively cut me off from the LJ side of the fandom. I didn't know about SG story communities or ficathons or anything until last year. (Yes, bizarrely, I'd never thought to search for them...) And once thevetia stopped reading SG, my steady supply of reliable recs dried up.

*nods* I totally know what you mean. LJ is funny, because on the one hand it feels kind of insular (much like mailing lists did -- like, you can see the activity in your sphere, and you know there's a larger fandom out there, but it's daunting to think about trying to connect to it). The only SG communities or ficathons I ever became part of were always due to people on my flist mentioning them -- I still don't tend to go out seeking more, even though I know it's out there.

And yeah, the transition into the later phases of the show really created a challenge. I wound up with a... pretty level-headed flist, with a lot of folks who didn't hate the post-Jack show. And that was important to me, because while I felt critical of it, I also felt like I could enjoy it if there wasn't too much reinforced negativity around me. And there were still times where I just made myself stop reading certain posts or otherwise felt like I had to back off, to keep away from the negativity.

(That was actually was finally drove me off the mailing lists I still belonged to, to interacting with the fandom only through LJ -- the negativity was *huge* on the lists I was on. I couldn't hack it, and I didn't want to spend my time there being depressed by others' negativity, or trying to offer a mitigating opinion. I think it's both LJ's weakness *and* its strength that it allows you to build a more self-selective fannish community.)

Of course, the other weird thing about LJ, to me, is how of course it's not fandom-specific. I've had a lot of folks on the fannish side of my flist, who were all friended by me because of an SG connection, drift on to new fandoms -- some to SGA (which I don't feel fannish about, and increasingly wasn't sure I *liked*), some to SPN (which I don't watch at all; it just didn't grab me), and so on. To "stay" in SG fandom through my flist, I had to make an effort to notice and friend the newer folks coming in.

That's been the nicest thing, though. There was a period there where it felt like most of the folks I knew best in SG fandom were kind of leaving it, their attention completely taken up in new things, and I wasn't going there with them. But in the last year, year and a half, it's been really interesting to see how many *new* people are coming into SG-1 fandom -- and falling in love with the old team, not just coming in as fans of the new team. And writing, some really good stuff, too.

But... yes. I have a small handful of newer folks on my flist who are reliable reccers (or "alerters" if you like) to what's being posted these days (esp. by people whose LJs I don't otherwise watch). And sometimes it feels like I can't even keep up with *them*. Which is... a good thing? SG-1 fandom *must* be healthy if there's more going on than I can keep up with!

That's a nice feeling, actually.
Jun. 22nd, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
Re: AP recs page
It'd be great if someone wanted to take the links of the AP stories I recced and start a new AP recs page. I wish I could, since I still love AP stories, but I know there's no way I can keep up, or recover lost fannish ground.

:) I was toying with the idea. Though, as I said -- I get that feeling too, like I'm *trying* and even I can't keep up. (I used to keep a fic-reading journal, so I could keep track... but I feel off that wagon, and ever since I've felt a degree of despair over that lost ground, fics I read that I now can't recall. ugh.)

There's the "stargate search" LJ community, which is where the request looking for AP-related fics came through that made me want to contact you and ask you if your page was still findable anywhere. That community has a useful feature where it has some posts that are tagged (to be easily found again) that are "theme lists", like AU fics or Stranded Fics or whatever. I don't think there was a theme-list already going for AP-related fics -- but it seems like a natural.

And the community aspect is nice, because even if the list itself can only be edited by the person who posts it, people can reply with their suggestions in comments, so you get a list built more by committee, taking the pressure off the one person to find everything. (Though of course, that also democratizes the lists -- makes them include things that the single person might not have actually "recced".)

In some ways, I find it an intriguing idea, a useful mechanism. And in some ways, part of me retains that feeling that it's too insular, that yeah, it's great for folks *on LJ* who *know about it*, but that keeps it from reaching a wider audience.

Anyway, I had been thinking off and on recently about doing some kind of recs or alerts page, because I can see how there's these new folks coming into the fandom (which suggests that maybe more will keep coming in, even with the show ending), and for *them*, there's this whole world of older fic that they don't necessarily find, because it's old, and off LJ. (And there seems to be a waning interest in some of the biggest archive sites -- like Area52; most of those new writers I'm talking about don't archive there; which is an interesting development, but a whole different discussion of the fragmentation of the fandom.)
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