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Happy Earth Day!

First, a couple of tv-notes. One: did everybody get the memo about "Drive", the new series starring Nathan Fillion? It's really, really good. It's on FOX, so of course, it's doomed, but catch it while you can. They showed the first 3 eps last week; 4th ep is on tomorrow night. Maybe they'll rerun the earlier ones at some point. Very cool, enjoyable. I hope they don't do the obvious thing and put it on opposite "Heroes".

I haven't been posting links to my prior write-ups of the SG-1 eps that are airing now on SciFi, because I posted a review of 10.11, 10.12, and 10.13 all together, so, there's spoilers galore. Will do it when it becomes pertinent.

Today, because it would have been a crime to waste this continuing GORGEOUS weather, I drove out to Drumlin Farm and walked around. Whenever I come back from there, Emily feels this giant need to sniff my pants and my arms and my t-shirt verrrrry carefully. Farm smells must intrigue her. I went and said hi to the silver fox, and the draft mules, and I actually found where the deer were sacking out for the day. The only nature I saw (apart from a jillion birds, of course; most of them robins) was a red squirrel, who was very hinky and moving away at high speed most of the time. That was cool, as I've never seen one in the wild. (Grey squirrels are pretty ubiquitous around here.) It was lovely to walk around.

Yes, the weather, it is warm. And you know what warm weather means. First, it means open windows. And second, it means the people who live behind me have come out and put lawn chairs on the back part of the big parking lot behind their building, near to the fence, which means, as close to my actual apartment as they can get. And this, naturally, must be accompanied by constant, moderately loud music. And the problem with this Latino music? It is essentially polkas. I don't know why. I like an occasional polka as much as the next person, maybe more, but... this is 4 hours and counting of continuous polkas, okay? *sigh*


May. 3rd, 2007 01:05 am (UTC)

Damn them. It was enjoyable.