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Why is making LJ icons so darned addictive?

Why do all the "creativity"-related mood icons involving the little fox have it reading a newspaper? What is creative about reading a newspaper? Eh?

In support of another's creativity:

"Rough Trade" by dith

To be honest, I would not have said beforehand that I would be terribly drawn by an answer to the particular challenge that caused dith to write this story (#117 at Area52). Shows how much I know. I'm also not a big angst-o-rama girl, as a rule. (Not that I hate it, and I've read some angst I just loved, but on the whole I'm into happy endings -- which dith isn't.)

So what did *I* like about this dark, angstful, ouchy story? Jack in peril. A Daniel determined to save Jack. Two guys who love each other that much but still fundamentally don't *get* what the other is thinking. Hot sex. Foreshadowing. Trust despite the lack of understanding. More hot sex. Some lovely Jack-admiration. And yes, even the sadness of it, becomes sometimes I do find it more satisfying when a story eschews an ending that magically makes everything better when, as a reader, I have to doubt whether it *could* be made better, at least, better than the way it's left.

I don't think that's all there is to the story, others may get entirely different things out of it. I appreciate certain things because of my own particular preferences (which are, obviously, very Jack-oriented). It seems odd to say that such a dark and angsty story made me happy. But it really kind of did.


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May. 26th, 2004 09:22 pm (UTC)
awww, yer nize.
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