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(YES, I know, I'm spamming LJ, and it's probably a procrastination tactic! I've BEEN running the sweeper, okay? Also I had to go out and get new bags for it. I'm taking a BREAK.)

So, some of you may have seen raqs talking about obtaining the DeFURminator shedding tool from QVC, and how magical it was and all. A friend of ours in NZ apparently expressed interest in one, so Raqs got her one and shipped it to me so I could carry it over to her. It arrived last night. So I tried it out on the cats.


The problem is: either Emily (the big grey one) is just a SPOILED PRINCESS, or else, she has particularly sensitive skin. She hates it. And this is after a long, semi-successful program in which I've trained her to accept a wire brush in the mornings after my shower. (But she only accepts that for about one brush's worth of fur-wad, and then that's it, she's Had Enough.)

The deFURminating process with Emily was WILDLY successful, in terms of getting GOBS of fur off of her. GOBS. But oh, with the yowling and the growling and the not staying still, and the swiping and the fighting. Man, what a BAD CAT.

So, I got about 2/3rds of a cat off her before I had to give up. And I felt bad, because I couldn't do it evenly, because of all the moving-around-avoiding she was doing. I know it says not to do it too much in one place, which I was trying to avoid doing. ALL I wanted was to do it on her sides and flanks, but OH NO. (She doesn't really tolerate being wire-brushed there, either.) *sigh*

Morgan, on the other hand, was a fairly good cat about it. I got *2* whole cats off of HER. But the problem with Morgan was -- she has A.D.D. She doesn't complain or fight and she keeps coming right back. But she is constantly moving and circling, trying to get her head in on the action, and I'm like, dammit, cat, I don't WANT your HEAD. The nice thing about Morgan is she's so small and light that I can pick her up in one hand and work the deFURminator in the other. (Can't do that with Emily, even if Emily wasn't being a fighting bitch about
it.) Morgan just kind of hangs there until she gets too squirmy.

So -- brilliant idea. Wonderful amounts of hair off them both. But not 100% successful, I'm afraid.

I sure hope that tyellas's behemoth of a cat *likes* being brushed.

(And I still feel bad if it turns out that Emily has really sensitive skin and I hurt her somehow. Because she sure as hell COMPLAINED enough as if I was.)

(But we're even, because she nicked me in quite a few places. Ow.)


Now, yes, I'm cleaning and vacuuming. Morgan doesn't apparently care. Emily hides when the sweeper is on, and then, every time I shut it off, she comes out and comes up to me and YOWLS and YOWLS and YOWLS. I don't know what her little kitty problem is. Unless -- and this is depressingly likely -- she associates Mom doing serious housecleaning with Mom Going Away. Hmm. So right now she's pacing around



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Jul. 21st, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
Ouch for her nicking you. And more *hugs* because that sounds like a task and a half.

Also, Emily has given you good reason not to clean house anymore.

ps. Remind me next time we get together that in the little glove box between the front seats of my car is the bag with the little metal box that came with that shedding brush I got Indigo. It has their address, phone and site information. Also, there's a little funky toy inside said box. ;)

Jul. 21st, 2007 09:51 pm (UTC)
Wow. That sounds like some amazing product for the right cat. Unfortunately I can't even PET Theo most of the time; I can't imagine what would happen if I tried going to town on her with that.
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