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Redial the Gate

You know what? "Nemesis" was a really good season ender. I know the whole thing with Daniel's appendix was just bad luck, or from another perspective serendipity -- but ending on the cliffhanger of him sitting in the control room, hoping the rest of the team had managed to use the Gate to escape the crashing ship in time, was really effective.

Yeah, so, speaking of old SG-1 eps...

I wanted to take a moment to alert anyone who didn't already know (and who might be interested) about the new community redial_the_gate. Go check it out! It's a gathering-place for rewatching the series together, and sounds like it will be everything from live chats to collecting meta posts and comments, to providing a place for folks to link to their favorite material about given eps (related fic, etc.).

I love the idea. I'm bummed that I am going to be without real LJ access *just* as it is starting up -- I believe they are starting with "Stargate" the movie tomorrow, Tues. July 24th?

I'm not sure at the moment what the ongoing schedule is going to be -- but as I see it, it'll be a nice resource for when you do want to check in and watch or react *along with* others over the same old eps, but it's also not that high-pressure since you could always go back and catch up with posts about particular eps you like. I can see doing a bit of both things, as the mood strikes me.

So if you're interested, go take a look! And I'll see some of you there eventually...


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Jul. 24th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
Hold on, you're leaving now? When are you coming back? And I meant to post earlier, but yes, I'm moving back to Boston! Coming up the weekend of August 18.
Jul. 24th, 2007 11:11 am (UTC)
I liked Nemesis, too - 'cause usually it's SG-1 in peril, but at least they're all together... whereas this time, a character we really care about has been left behind, and doesn't know what's happened to his friends. Much more impact.

And, thanks for the pimp of redial! I replied to your post on my lj, but I thought I'd clarify on here, too: basically we're posting an episode summary and thoughts to the comm every Tuesday. We're doing a one-off get-together on AIM this Friday, to celebrate the launch.

It's a shame you won't be around for the initial posts, but please do post to the older ones, if you've got comments! The intention is that they don't 'die'. Like you say, it's not high-pressure - you can go back and catch up, read old meta, post your own thoughts, etc.

And, have fun in New Zealand - that sounds really exciting!
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