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So it snowed again here in Boston today, which apparently it's going to be doing FOREVER. There seemed to be about 6" on my car roof when I got out to it this afternoon, though perhaps only 4" or so at home, hard to tell. This time it was a fluffy but wet snow, easy to walk in. So I put the harness on Emily to take her out again... and decided that photographic evidence was in order this time.

Exploring intrepidly!

Examining crevasses in the snow!

Convinced that if she just licks it enough, she can get that damned harness to come off!

ADVENTURE CAT has had enough. It's time to go back inside now.

Another thing that Emily likes to do, which I got photographic evidence of last night, is: watch television. The way she usually sits in my lap, it's hard to tell if she's really watching the tv or not because all I see is the back of her head. But! If there are BIRDS on the tv screen, well then -- she needs to get over REALLY CLOSE to them and watch them AVIDLY.

Last night, I was finishing watching a Nature show on ravens:

I love this pic because you can clearly see the two ravens doing that "dominance ears" thing that they do!

Sometimes, if the birds are fluttery enough, Emily will sit up on her hind legs like a squirrel, or she'll even get up to put her paws on the screen. She didn't do that last night, though. I think the ravens were too big for that.



Dec. 23rd, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
They sure are :)