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When you have a dream about commuting (even though it *looked* nothing at all like your actual commute does, except for the... vehicle, I hesitate to call it a "bus", that did have "73 Waverley" in lights on the top) and then you wake up at 7:10am, it's only natural to groan and think for a moment that it's a work-day and you'll have to get up in a minute. It's extremely blissful, therefore, when you realize moments later that no, it's Sunday, and you can totally go back to sleep. w00t!

I just wanted briefly to give you all some evidence of what a fruit-loop my Small Emergency Backup Cat, Morgan, is. I related earlier I think that Morgan decided a few months ago to start taking over all the spots that Emily had been sleeping in -- because Morgan is *evil*. Now it's February and she's still religiously sleeping up on top of the back of the Green Chair of Love. If you look back through my cat tags, you can find pics of Emily sleeping there. Here, I wanted to share with you what I now see every night:

The hell? What is it? Is it a calico tribble?

The top of the chair can only be about 6" wide. I really don't know how she manages to *curl up* on it. But there she is, blithely hanging over the edge.

Finally, I'll leave you with Emily, being cute (and sleeping on the bed, which used to be Morgan's Territory, but which Emily can now sleep on because Morgan has abandoned it):

Off to watch much TV, including SuperBowl!



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Feb. 3rd, 2008 06:22 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a rather confusing way to wake up. And ah, Emily...she's a very large and wonderful cat. And Morgan just cracks me up.

I'm hoping Morgan never falls over the back of the chair. And yes, tribble. Hee!
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