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Not *this* weekend. This weekend you could feel spring trying to move into the area. Of course, it's early days yet. Winter could still have more in store for us. Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, jenlev took me snowshoeing again. Most of the snow was gone from the Boston area, but NH still had plenty of it!

We went to the Monson Center, site of an abandoned town from colonial times. There are a lot of fields. I really like the blue shadows on all the snow:

There are rough stone walls bordering the road into the place, turned into pretty dragon-spine sculptures by the blowing snow:

Specifically, this kind of blowing snow:

(It was about 40 that day, but the wind was pretty brisk...) There were also trails through the woods, although it took us long enough just to GET to the woods that we didn't go very far into them. A pileated woodpecker taunted us the whole way by making noise but never showing itself:

There were plenty of birds -- chickadees, and nuthatches, and a downy woodpecker, I think. Jen got much better pics of them than I did (you can only tell what they are in my pics if you already know what they are).

Once we were in the woods, I had been *POOF*ing along in my snowshoes (it's an awful lot of fun to walk in them: *poof*! *poof*! *poof*!), but I thought to myself, gee, this trail is pretty packed down already by people walking on it. It doesn't seem like wearing the snowshoes is much use. So I took mine off and carried them back to the car. (I had winter boots on.)

Well! That was when I found out exactly how much good snowshoes are! I sank into the trail that I had thought was packed down a lot more than I expected to. (... duh.) Turns out that even if you're walking in snowshoes and you are sinking in a couple of inches, they're, you know, doing their job, and you aren't sinking in as much as you could be. Observe:

You might have to look at that at its highest resolution to really see it, but on the left, that was my snowshoe print walking in; and on the right is my footprint walking out. (On the side of the road, obviously, in untrammeled drifts.) You can see that if the snowshoe print is about 2" deep, the footprint is at least 6" or 8". Yeah.

I'm a little sad that snowshoeing season is almost over. Of course, now that I've SAID that, you watch, there will be more Big Snow and I'll get another chance to go out. (And Jen will kill me for wishing more snow upon her.)


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Mar. 17th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
Heee! It's definitely ok to wish more snow on my, because I love snowshoeing. Although, yeah, spring would be nice too. Meep. There's still snow out my window at the condo!

Beautiful photos, yours of the trees and the fields beyond came out beautifully.

In closing, snowshoes are cool. And you're rather fine yourself. *smoooch*

PS. Watching ch.5 weather and they're predicting more snow this week!

Edited at 2008-03-17 10:46 am (UTC)
Mar. 17th, 2008 04:04 pm (UTC)
Beautiful scenery! Looks like you had a lot of fun. The mention of that chilly wind makes me shiver, though.
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