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Speaking of Random...

Hey, I'm on a roll!

The story behind this is that something like 14 years ago, meesto showed us this video. It is one of those odd things that has stuck in my brain *ever since*. Particularly the lyric, "Lincoln's in a movie, shakin' his booty" and the accompanying image of an animated currency Lincoln. Plus the parrots. Always the parrots.

But could I find who the song or artist was? Like, EVER? I could not. (And did I ever actually manage to ask Meesto about it? Of course not.)

Well, jackpot! 1994: Thomas Dolby, "Nuvogue", from the album "Gate to the Mind's Eye". Now my brain can rest easy. (Except for that phantom "Personal Jesus" vid, that is.)



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Mar. 29th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
Blimey. I met Tom Dolby once (this was before he became 'Thomas', when he was keyboard player for Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club and my mate was going out with the drummer) and he really is as odd as he seems.

At least, he was then! He's probably married and living in Chertsey with a g'zillion kids.
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